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                                   ******Just In- Friday February 14th, 2020 **********

 *FENDER Jazz Bass, 1966, sunburst, bound Rosewood board with block inlays,
          belonged to Frank Schiano- used on recordings with Dizzy Gillespie,
              Lalo Schifrin, and others, worn edges, 8.9 lbs, vgc, ohsc......$5800

    *RICKENBACKER 330-12, 1967, Fireglo

    *MARTIN STYLE 1 Ukulele, ca 1937, a couple of very short tight cracks on the back, 
           all mahogany with black/white purfling and rosewood binding,
            ca 1939, exc-..............$595

 *FENDER Telecaster, 1973, Black, 4 bolt neck, Maple neck with good frets, Dimarzio
               humbucker routed into neck position,  vgc, ohsc...$3750

 *FENDER Mustang, 1972, red with racing stripe, exc, ohsc.......$1650

                                  ******Just In- Tuesday February 11th, 2020 **********

 *PRE-WAR Guitar Company AJ, New, 2020, slope shoulder body,  
          Sunburst  Torrefied Adirondack Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood 
          back and sides,  25.4" scale, thin Nitro finish, Hide Glue used 
         throughout, aged 'butterbean' tuners, traditional AJ fingerboard
          inlays with a few on the peghead too, deluxe Harptone case.......$8995

 *GIBSON L-00, ca 1946, Sunburst finish on bound Spruce top, firestripe
           pickguard, mahogany back and sides, 14 3/4" across, Script  Gibson 
           logo, Brazilian Rosewood board, adj. truss rod, vgc+, hsc..$3750

 *FENDER Clapton Strat, 1989, Blackie,   Lace 
       Sensor pickups, Lead boost, Maple neck, exc, hsc.....$1250

 *FENDER '57 Custom Shop, Cunetto Strat, aged by Vince, 1997, Blonde over 
            Ash body, Maple neck made and signed by John Cruz, exc, ohsc...$3950

 *FENDER Jaguar Vintage American Re-issue, '64 style with bound fingerboard
            and dot inlays, a few dents, fine playing neck, exc, hsc..$1195

 *GUILD A-50, 1959, Blonde 161/4"wide  non-cutaway archtop,  Brazilian
          board, script logo, Ghost label- made in Hoboken, Grovers added, plays great 
          and sounds good, the binding has shrunk so there's some gone missing  
          at the 4 waists, vgc, hsc...........$600

 *TRI-STATE Lap Steel, '50s, looks like Gibson could have made this
            budget lap steel, sunburst with typical faux curly Maple,
             1 single coil pickup, nice shape.........$295

 *ELECTRO-HARMONIX, Memory Man, solid state Echo/Chorus,
              original series, vgc+......$300

                                  ******Just In- Monday February 10th, 2020 **********

 *FENDER Telecaster, 1957, Blonde finish, some wear and flaking, 
        soft V Maple neck, original frets are pretty good, has the ashtray cover plate, no
       repairs or touchups, all original, shaggy dog tweed case, vgc+....$21,000

  *MARTIN Custom Shop D-21S, 2015, 12 fret Dreadnought with 
                 Adirondack spruce top, Guatemalan Rosewood back & sides, T-bar truss rod,
                 flamed Koa binding, ebony bridge and board, hide glue construction, 
                1-3/4" at the nut , Waverly open-back tuners, near mint, ohsc....$4150

 *MARTIN HD-28, 2008, just about new condition, ohsc.....$1995

 *VOX Student Prince,  V229, made in Italy,  ca 1967, sunburst non cutaway slim,
            1 3/4" deep,   archtop with a floating  pickup,   manufactured for Vox by the  Eko,
            13 1/4" across, bolt on mahogany neck with rosewood board,  24 3/4" scale and 
              was 1 11/16" wide at the zero fret, some finish cracks, plays and sounds 
            wonderful, original Vox coffin case, vgc++........$750

     gbl                     ******Just In- Wednesday February 5th, 2020 **********

 *EPIPHONE Texan, 1964, natural top, 1 5/8" at the nut, Adjustable
            bridge with original white ceramic saddle, no cracks or
           repairs, extraordinarily good sound exc, older hsc........$3995

 *FENDER Stratocaster Standard, 2002, transparent Red finish, 
          Maple neck, white pickguard, vgc++, gigbag........$750

  *GIBSON Les Paul Custom, 1972, Cherry Sunburst, embossed 
            "Gibson" pickup covers, had Schallers at one point, now back to the original 
              waffle back tuners, vgc++, hsc...........$2750

 *MARTIN OM-28 Authentic 1931, 2015, all hide glue used 
             in construction, team built, Madagascar Rosewood back and sides, Adirondack
           Spruce top, 1 3/4" at the bone nut, 25.4" scale, near mint, Martin hsc.....$4250

    *OVATION Balladeer, used, non-cutaway, transparent red, exc, ohsc.....$350


                             ******Just In- Tuesday February 4th, 2020 **********
 *GIBSON SUPER V, 1993, Blonde cutaway  L-5CES with Super 400 style neck and 6 finger
            tailpiece, gorgeous curly Maple back and sides, Grover Imperial tuners,
             exc, ohsc........$6900 

 *GIBSON Les Paul TV Special, 1956, all original except it once had Grover 
         tuners, 2 P-90s, wraparound tailpiece, bound board,
         mild wear, real nice, newer hard case.......$9500

 *DANOCASTER,  Double bound Tele body with 2 Gil Yaron humbuckers, recent, 
              salmon finish, rosewood board, vgc+, gigbag........$3500

 *CROOK Paisley Telecaster, used, Maple neck, Mr. Crook says: After 15 years of 
                 refining the process, I have finally reproduced a very vintage-accurate pink
                  paisley paper...." and he has, even the right fade, exc, hsc.......$2750

 *CROOK Sparkle Telecaster, used, champagne sparkle finish, Maple
           neck, vgc+, gig bag.....$2250

 *FANO Alt De Facto RB6, used, aged blonde finish, 2 P-90 style pickups,
            wraparound bridge with tunomatic saddles, Maple neck, vgc+, hsc.....$2100

 *VOX AC-10, '60s,  Combo, 1-10" original Elac speaker, 12 watts, 
          with Vibrato, needs a step-down transformer for use in the USA,

 *Bill Krinard (Two Rock) modded Bassman TS1 prototype head, Silver panel
          Fender Bassman, now has channel switch, FX loop in and out, clean gain, lead gain, 
         lead Master(independent), Master volume for clean channel, etc, vgc.....$2250. hold

                              ******Just In- Monday February 3rd, 2020 **********

 *FENDER Deluxe, 1955, Wide panel Tweed, 1956 P-12R Jensen, tweed
          is probably newer but looks old, sounds great..........$2695

 *MAGNATONE Varsity Combo, used, Black, 1x12" Combo with Reverb,
             narrow panel w/ creme grill, exc............$1350

 *DR Z Rte 66 Head,  32 watts, KT66 power tubes,  near mint.....$900

                              ******Just In- Wednesday January 29th, 2020 **********

 *GIBSON F-5 Bill Monroe Mandolin, 1992, 2  Master Model labels, one 
           signed by Bill Monroe, the other by Steve Carlson, sunburst finish, 
          flower pot peghead inlay, case has special numbered  plaque inside, exc....$6950

 *GIBSON Les Paul Special, 2019, TV finish, single
              cutaway, 2 P-90s, near mint, ohsc..........$1250

 *EASTMAN AR810CE, 2006, 17" cutaway Archtop, floating pickup,
         curly Maple back and sides, carved Spruce top, Ebony board,
           gold Imperial tuners, near mint, ohsc........$1395

 *WASHBURN Mandolin, style 2427,  ca 1920, 2 point body, flatback, 
         Brazillian Rosewood back & sides, needs a setup, as is, vgc, gigbag.....$300

 *MARTIN OM-28, New, Natural top with Aging Toner, Gloss finish, 
          Sitka Spruce top, East Indian Rosewood back & sides,
          Scalloped X-bracing , Modified Low Oval neck, with
           Ebony board with Abalone Diamonds & Squares Long Pattern
 	  25.4" scale, 1 3/4 at the nut,  Nickel Open Gear tuners,
          small OM pickguard, ohsc...........$3899 list, our price$3099
                                      ******Just In- Monday January 27th, 2020 **********

  *MARTIN D-28 Aged and Authentic 1937 Model, NEW, Beautifully toned top,
          Madagascar Rosewood back and sides, Adirondack Spruce top that
         was dried with the torrification process-  the Vintage Tone System (VTS) 
          that ages the wood to replicate the sound of a vintage Martin  and this
            one does not have the darkened center look, built by a small team at 
          Martin using Hide glue in construction, non-adjustable T-Bar 
           truss rod as was the practice back in the '30s, lightly aged finish,
           exceptionally good, old sounding,  D-28,   $9,999 list.. $7999  on hold  

    *FENDER Concert Amp, 1962, Brown tolex, 4 original Oxford 10" speakers,
       some tolex sag on the side from moisture, awesome  harmonic tremolo, vgc.........$1950

                             ******Updated- Sunday January 26th, 2020 **********
 *GIBSON Les Paul, 1962, SG style body with vibrant Cherry finish,
               sideways Vibrola, 2 PAFs, not a hint of a crack, exc, original brown case....$15,900

 *GIBSON Les Paul Standard, 1992, cherry sunburst, plain top, changed tuners, 
         Gibson USA stamped pickups, vgc+, hsc..........$2250

 *PRE-WAR Guitar Company  HD, NEW,  a dreadnought with Herringbone trim, 
          Adirondack Spruce top,  Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, from Pre-War:
           "We utilize hot hide glue for all of the bracing as well as in our traditional dovetail 
            neck joints. We use Torrefied tops and hand carved Torrefied brace wood for 
             their dry-aged tone. You get a guitar with the soul, sound, and look of a well-loved 
            vintage instrument, but with the price, adjust-ability, and reliability of a modern guitar"
            it has a truss rod, outstanding tone, volume and playability, 
            with Harptone vintage style case..sold

 *PRE-WAR Guitar Company, NEW, Shaded top D Style with Honduran
       Mahogany back and sides, Adirondack spruce top, '37 style C neck, ohsc.............sold
  *YAMAHA SBG-500, '80, Japan, sunburst double cutaway solid body,
              dot inlays, 2 double white coil humbuckers, vgc, gigbag.....$550

   glbvg                         ******Updated- Tuesday January 21st, 2020 **********

 *KOVACIK D-40, 2003, beautiful Martin style dreadnought with real abalone
           pearl trimmed top, Brazilian Rosewood from Mike Longworth,
           premium Adirondack Spruce top from Martin, Ivory saddle and nut,
           unbound ebony board, exc, hsc....$5500  

 *GIBSON L-4CES, 1995, Sunburst with gold hardware, ebony fingerboard 
        with parallelogram inlays,  a solid carved spruce top distinguishes this from
        it's cousin the  ES-175, sharp cutaway, 2 Humbuckers, curly Maple back and 
        sides, exc, ohsc...... $3650

 *FENDER MIM Nashville Telecaster, blonde with maple fingerboard, 3 pickup with fender 
       noiseless in neck and middle position, single-coil sized humbucker in the bridge position,
       exc, w/gb........$500

     (gblvg)                     *******Updated- Sunday January 19th, 2020 **********
 *GIBSON Les Paul Custom Custom Shop '74 Re-issue ,
      Vintage White, 2018, 9.2lbs, near mint, w/ohsc and cert ..........$4295

    *EPIPHONE Olympic, double-cutaway melody-maker body style, single bridge pickup,
        chunky neck, w/ssc........$1000

       gbl                *******Updated- Sunday January 12th, 2020 **********

 *FENDER DU0SONIC, 1957, Desert Sand, maple neck, 2 pickups, 
           overspray on peghead, vgc+, original hard shell case...........$1950
 *MARTIN D-18, 1956, crack-free, original pickguard, new bridge plate, 
         set with low action with room on the saddle to go lower. Plays great and sounds even 
          better!  exc, hsc..........$5500 

 *NATIONAL Don, #X67, 1934, German Silver with engraved border,
        Ivroid engraved peghead overlay, near mint, original case....$14,500

 *NATIONAL Duolian, ca 1937, Steel body, Walnut Piano Finish, 
            14 fret neck, solid peghead, exc, hsc...........$3500

 *JIM KELLEY Amp, 1983, 1x12 Combo, Class A 12AX7 amplifier circuit 
             with 6V6 power tubes, EV speaker, comes with Power Attenuator by A.G.E., Reverb,
               Effects loop, foot switch and mid boost pedal,  multitudes of sound! from the 
               original owner who purchased it in 1983 with cover & manual,  exc+....$4750
                       *******Updated- Thursday January 2nd, 2020 **********

 *GIBSON L-7C, c 1950, sunburst, cutaway, 17" archtop,
           a couple of minor repairs, McCarty pickguard with floating
           pickup, good frets, brown case, vgc++.....$3950
  *LOWDEN F-32, ca 1989, made in Ireland, medium Jumbo, Lowden says: Over the years
              the 32 has become more sought after especially because of its full bodied 
               and yet very clear defined tone. The sitka spruce top help to balance the 
                rosewood’s warm fullness. The O version is , the F is warm, full and clear 
               but with a more focused projection making it ideal for flat-picking and fingerstyle.,
               Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Ebony board, 25 1/2" scale,
                 1 3/4" at the nut, 15 3/4" at the lower bout, exc+, ohsc......$3000

 *FENDER Vibrolux Reverb, 1968, Silver Panel w/ drip edge valence, new
            power transformer, 2-10" Naylor Speakers, vgc+........$1495
          *Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships" - the illustrated History of National, Dobro, 
           Supro, Valco and OMI Guitars
                   A 423 page tour-de-force that explores the
            fascinating design world of the musical instruments produced by the Dopyera
           Brothers from 1923 to 1993.  Famous for their 'National' guitars, they went
           on to pioneer electric pickups, fiberglass construction, amplifiers etc, and
           influenced the sound of Country Music, Bluegrass, Blues and Hawaiian music
           through most of the 20th Century.
                Entirely and lavishly illustrated with over 1100 musical instruments and
            amplifiers and more than 100 artists who used them - this is THE
            DEFINITIVE COLLECTION of all the various developments, designs, colours
            and engraving patterns of everything produced by the Dopyera Brothers
            in their various companies throughout the 20th century - National, Dobro, 
            Supro, Valco, Mosrite, Regal and OMI.  It has them ALL!  It also features lap steels, amplifiers 
             and various National and Valco manufactured items for other Trade houses. 
             The book is concluded with an updated list of the serial numbers of known
             and re-discovered instruments - now in excess of 4200.  A MUST HAVE for 
            anyone interested in these guitars.  Leaves other books on the subject in the dust....$140
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                              *STORE PANORAMIC VIEW- OF SORTS


 Meet Ian Davlin, head of our repair crew-
    1952 Les Paul that has a screw reinforcing a neck crack. When the customer originally
           brought the guitar in it had putty over the screw and the crack repair was failing.
     To see Lark Street Music's Wall click here

                Duke Levine w/ the Roy Sludge Trio in the store the day between 
         the Bowery and the Bell House gigs in NY last week - click here for a clip.  
         Also check out 

                                 ********* PICTURES from the EXHIBIT *************
    These are fairly large prints and are here in the store for purchase, all signed by Jonathan Singer-
       check his site www.botanicamagnifica for his story. 
  Prices were from $500-$1000. On sale, 30-40% off

     SG and Marshall

    Defying logic- 3 Explorers, courtesy J. Menza
   Two '59 Les Pauls, courtesy J. Menza

   Two Airlines

  Three Strats, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Old Golds-ES-295 & '54 Les Paul, courtesy Lark Street Music

  The '60 Cherry Les Paul, courtesy J. Menza

  Moserite Double & Selmer Zodiac,  courtesy Lark Street Music

 Bacon & Days anyday, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Firebirds, courtesy Lark Street Music

  2 Centuries of Progress!
        more to come....

 and introducing.........>>>>>>>>> *********** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
      The MAZEL TONE line of guitar effects pedals!  Larkstreet Music's own line of vintage
          tone producers, made right here designed by rabbi Shmuel Gold and hand wired
         by the legendary guitar builder Dominic Ramos, and named by our favorite
         Conan O'brien/ Fab Faux  guitarist extrordinaire  Jimmy Vivino, 
         the amazing DOUBLE FUZZ!!!  Distortion with an option for adding an upper octave,
         list price $229, street price............. $189 
 *AFTERWORD Delay pedal, by Mazeltone, The Afterword delay is a digital analog hybrid delay,
             although employing digital circuitry the repeats are thick and warm with delay times 
             up to 600 ms it can cover everything from slap back to ambient moods. 
             The final word in delay, New...$189
    featuring Buck Malen, Johnny Rabb, Kevin Maul, unknown banjo phenom & Frances
   DUKE LEVINE's brand new "Beneath The Blue"   CD, with Kevin Barry, Jay Bellerose,
                Paul Bryan, Kenny White, Dan Reiser & Mike Rivard available here or by mail-- $12 
                  ---->>>  or for you kids- dowloads availbale at dukelevine.com   


                                                Before  After ..... 
                We often get asked  "where do these guitars come from" ??? or "who buys these things" ??
                So here's an interesting picture of the quite rare White ES-345 (that we had for sale for about a year)
                with both it's original ( c. 1964), and current (April'06)  owners.

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       For you who don't know, we do all manner of guitar repair and restoration.  We do most of it here but 
      also give some work to Dom Ramos -repairing and building since working in Dan Armstrong's shop in 
      the '60s.  We've also been a Martin Warrantee Center since 1985 before Martin closed down all 5 NJ Centers 
      because of a tax dispute between NJ and Martin

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