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  QUARANTINE  Update. 6/2/22
          Folks, we are OPEN to the PUBLIC, allowing
             2-3 people in at a time.  We have 3 Air Purifiers going.  
                 --->>>  MASKS ARE NOW OPTIONAL   <<<<-----

 *JODI HEAD Straps, 2 1/2" patterned.......$39, Custom Leather....$129

                      PROBABLY CLOSED THIS SUNDAY, JULY 3

                               Regular  HOURS:
                      Monday - Thursday  10am - 6:30pm EST
                               Friday  10am - 4pm
                               CLOSED SATURDAYS 

              JUST In ******Thursday, June 30th, 2022 *******

 *BOZO Podunavac Jumbo Flat top. Bell model, #290, made in 1971,
     looks like Leo Kottke's 12-string but it's a 6, Spruce top
     with herringbone purfling edged with black/beige/black borders,
     which is repeated with single edging on the sides and back,
     the soundhole rosette has an outer herringbone and a simple inner
     surrounding pearl flowers inlaid in mastic, back and sides
     are AAAA Indian Rosewood, fancy peghead, Ebony board is 2"
     wide at the nut- perhaps this was started as a 12-string model, 
     15 1/2" scale, built for "J D" swhose initials are inlaid 
     at the 14th fret, hugely distinct and clear tone, exc, hsc...$6500 

    * HOFNER Club Bass, 1965m sunburst, single cutaway, happens to be
      the coolest of all Hofner basses, 2 staple pickups, all
     original but missing the guard, fine action, straight
     neck, exc.....$4200

    *YAMAHA FG-1500, Made in Japan, Spruce top, beautiful
       solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides

             JUST In ******Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 *******

    *SELMER Mark VI Tenor Sax, 1957, exc, ohsc......

 *FENDER SRV Stratocaster, 1992, sunburst, Brazilian Rosewood 
       fingerboard, gold hardware with original left handed
       bridge, SRV in black pickguard, 8.1 lbs, exc+, ohsc... 

 *VEGA Whyte Laydie Guitar/Banjo, 1924, 6 String banjo neck,
       12" pot, all original, vgc+, hsc...$3000

 *GIBSON L-7C, 1964, sunburst, Johnny Smith floating pickup
      added professionally, some dings and dents and light
      playing wear, curly Maple sides, Maple 2 piece back,
      long peghead, all original parts, some overspray on top, 
      looks and plays great, vgc, ohsc....$5500

    *OVATION 1624, Classical guitar, full body, exc, ohsc.....$450

    *MARTIN Backpacker, recent, steel string, vgc+, gigbag....$175

    *DEAN Playmate Acoustic Bass, recent, with pickup, gigbag....$219

 *FENDER Champ, 1962, Tweed, all original....$3495

 *FENDER ESQUIRE, 1958, refinished Blonde, set up as a 
      Telecaster with a neck pickup, refretted, newer pots,
       1-pice Ash body, original pickup, bridge,  saddles, tuners, looks like
      an old original white Telecaster pickguard, 6.65 lbs, vgc, original
      tweed case painted black...$11,900

 *GIBSON Les Paul Custom Plus, 1998, Cherry sunburst, 
     flamed maple top, gold hardware, exc, ohsc...$3500

 *KAY Value Leader Electric, '50s, slimline, 3 pickups,

              JUST In ******Sunday, June 19th, 2022 *******

 *WATERLOO WL-K, by Collings, recent, light sunburst, 
        Spruce top, Mahogany back & sides, 14 3/4 across, 24.9" scale,  
        1 3/4" at the nut,  exc, ohsc...$2495 on hold 

 *WATERLOO Jumbo King WL-JK, by Collings, recent, sunburst Spruce
       top, Indian Rosewood back & sides, 25.4" scale, 1 3/4" at the nut,
       15 3/4 across at the lower bout, 4 3/4" deep, '30s style 
       covered tuners, exc, ohsc.....$2895
 *FENDER Stratocaster, '57 Re-issue, c 2000, 2-tone sunburst,
        Maple neck, made in USA, exc, tweed case....$1850
 *FENDER Stratocaster, '62 Re-issue, made in USA, Surf Green,
        Rosewood board, exc+, tweed case....$1850
 *EASTMAN SB-59/V, 2022, Sunburst, Les Paul style with aged
      finish, 2 Lollar humbuckers, exc, ohsc.....$1495

 *PRS McCarty, 2021, Deep red tiger striped Maple top,
       flamed Maple neck with birds, 2 humbuckers, near mint, ohsc....$3450

    *EPIPHONE Devon EA-35 Combo Amp, 1961, 12" original Jensen,
         volume and tone, vgc+.....$695

 *TOSCA Thunderstick Electric, 1959, Firebronze, single cutaway,
      22" scale, "Tosca" logo on peghead, humbucker
      sized gold covered pickup at neck, exc, ossc...$950
              JUST In ******Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 *******

  *GIBSON Les Paul Custom'54 Re-issue, 1973, Black,
       Alnico V pickup at the neck, regular P-90 at the bridge,
       1-piece body, 1-piece neck, no volute, limited edition,
       9.37 lbs, original small frets, 1 11/16" at the nut, 
       gold hardware, exc, hsc........$12,500 

 *FENDER Jazz Bass, Mexico, Olympic White, Rosewood board,
       c 1998, Nylon tape strings on it now, exc, gigbag...$650

 *KUSTOM 400 Series 4x12 Speaker column, c 1970, Black
        tuck and roll tolex, 49"x15"x11", exc.......$175

 *FENDER Alkaline Trio Malibu- Mahogany, Flat top,
       recent, heart soundhole, exc....$300

 *Harmony (Alden) H 45 Stratotone, 1963, tuxedo black,
        one pickup, exc....$595
              JUST In ******Monday, June 13th, 2022 *******

 *HUSS & DALTON 00-SP Custom, 2009, Sunburst,
       Adirondack Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood back & sides,
       Abalone trimmed top, Abalone Herringbone rosette, 
        4 1/8" wide 00 size, 12 frets with slotted peghead,  
       Ebony board with 4 cut diamond inlays, Ebony pyramid bridge, 
       Indian Rosewood binding on body and neck, 24.9" scale,
       1 3/4" at the nut, owned and played by Mary Chapin Carpenter,
        Fishman active under saddle pickup, Waverly 4066 tuning 
        machines, small clear pickguard, near mint.....$8500

 *EPIPHONE SG Custom Limited Edition Custom Shop,
        2006, made in Korea, White, 3 humbuckers Maestro Vibrola, gold
        hardware, ohsc, near mint....$995 

 *Michael SCHREINER Lute, 1998, made in Canada, Fluted Maple staves
       with Ebony borders, Ebony neck, 7 courses of 2 plus
       1 single string, exc, ohsc......$1595

 *MARSHALL JMP 50 Watt Combo, 1979, 2x12 watt Marshall Celestions,
        vertical inputs, Master Volume and Pre-Amp, checkered
        grill cloth, with Original Shipping Box, exc+.....

 *AMPEG G-15 GEMINI II Combo, 1966, Blue Square tolex, 
      original 15" Jensen Concert speaker, Echo (reverb) and
      Vibrato, includes original dolly and cover, exc...$1195  

    *VARIOUS used RECORDERS, none played in more than 10 years,
       plastic and wooden too..$10-$95 

 *FENDER Precision Bass, c 1969, natural 
      Alder body has been stripped and 'refinished' with 
      brushed shellac, Maple neck and peghead are original 
      with Rosewood fretboard, light, $2750

 *HOFNER Guitar neck, probably from a Club guitar,
      reglued crack at the heel..........$100

    *WURLITZER Accordian, White, has an Octave switch, exc, ohsc...$200

 *Kenny Hill NEW WORLD Munich(Hauser style) Classical, in good shape. 
       all solid wood with spruce top, Indian rosewood sides &back, 
       ebony fingerboard and french polish finish, exc....$850

    gbl             Coming In ******Friday, June 10th, 2022 *******

 *GRETSCH White Penguin, 2002, made in Japan, 
      2 DeArmond  pickups, Cadillac Tailpiece, Gretsch Vertical
      logo in orange sparkle, orange sparkle binding,
      exc+, ohsc....$3250
 *GIBSON J-50, 1955, natural Spruce top, Mahogany
      back and sides, big neck profile, 1 11/16" at the nut, 
      small pickguard, with non-adjustable bridge, scalloped braces,
      black stinger at heel, had a post removed from inside
      that someone daintily had installed, great sounding
     and great playing, exc, hsc.....$5500 

 *EPIPHONE Texan, 1965, natural Spruce top, 
     Mahogany back and sides, lots of wear, 2 repaired back  
     cracks, skinny neck, wide open strummer, Adj. bridge 
     converted to fixed saddle, original type tuners re-
     installed in favor of the Schallers that had been implanted,
     a great guitar, gc, hard case.....$3250 

 *GIBSON L-1, 1918, Blonde Archtop, round sound hole, 13 3/4" across,
     still has original elevated pickguard, original trapeze bridge with 
     tortoise-like cross piece with bridge pins, "The Gibson" in 
     pearl script on peghead, treble side tuners replaced, H braced,
     owned and played by the late  Willy DeVille of Mink DeVille,
     vgc, ohsc.....$2750

 *MARTIN 000-28M Eric Clapton, Ltd Edition of 461, 2009,
       Sunburst, Style 45 rosette with center ring of pearl
       herringbone, wooden herringbone top purfling,  Carpathian
       Spruce top, beautiful Madagascar Rosewood back & sides,
       perfect action, exc, Geib case......$5900

  *DR Z Maz 38 Senior Head, Red, 4 x EL84 power tubes, with Reverb
      and matching 2x10 red speaker cab, exc+.......$1895
    bgl            Just In ****** Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 ******* 

 *FENDER Ltd '67 Smuggler's Telecaster, Custom Shop, 2018,
       Closet Classic, Aged Black finish with light lacquer checking
      Maple neck, 3 cavities routed into the body 
      are covered by the pickguard (comes with both white
      and  clear pickguards) Maple neck in perfect condition,
       6105 fretwire, 6.55 lbs, 9.5" radius, with certificate
      and build papers, ohsc, exc........$2950 

 *FENDER Road Worn Telecaster Deluxe, c 2021, made in Mexico,
      Olympic White, Maple neck, large '70s Strat peghead with 
      large logo, 2 Fender Wide Range style humbuckers,
       vgc, gigbag...$950

 *MARTIN 0-18K, 1928, all Koa wood body, 12 fret neck with
       slotted peghead, Ebony board with T-frets, repro Ebony  
       pyramid bridge, no cracks, small 1" hole patched in the 
       side, recent neck reset by Ian Davlin, 1 7/8" at the Ebony 
       nut, 24.9" scale, hairline top crack repaired, 
       original thin Maple bridge plate, vgc+, hsc...$5500 

 *MARTIN 00-21, 1971, the classic 12 fret Martin with 
       slotted peghead, Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back
       and sides, small Rosewood bridge plate, black pick guard
       1 7/8" at the nut, Martin tuners by Schaller with
       engraved plate, exc, hsc......$4250

 *MARTIN 00-16C, 1966, Nylon string guitar, Spruce top,
      Mahogany back & sides, Brazilian rosewood bridge
      and fretboard, no top cracks, back and sides
      are a tad rough but not bad, vgc.....$1250

gb l
              Just In ****** Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 ******* 

 *FENDER Strat Neck, ca 1979-80, New Old Stock, big peghead, 
       Maple neck with skunk stripe, bullet truss rod,
       has tuners and 2 string trees, small finish peel
       at first few fret edges,#S947579...$650

 *MAGNATONE Hurricane Bass Neck, '60s, rosewood fingerboard,
       no tuners, vgc+....$200

 *FENDER Strat Neck, made in Mexico, reversed peghead, or left-handed,
        no tuners, righty nut, rosewood board.....$200 

 *HONDO Bass neck, pointy black peghead, Maple board...$30

    *FENDER Antigua Strat Pickguard, ca 1979, with 2 original
      Strat level polepiece pickups,and the bridge position has
      a Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker...$650

 *FENDER Stratocaster, '57 Vintage Re-issue, USA, 1999,
      Black with Maple board, exc, tweed case.....$1999 

 *GRETSCH Malcolm Young G6131, 2006, Made in Japan, Natural,
       first generation with Malcolm's 'signature' on the truss 
      rod cover, 1 Filtertron pickup at the bridge and no other 
        pickup routes on the guitar like the later versions have,
        2 knobs, with original tailpiece,  exc, gigbag...$2150

        gbl       Just In ****** FRIDAY, June 3rd, 2022 ******* 

 *FENDER Strat, '62 American Re-issue, 2012, Olympic white,
      papers, brown case, exc....$2000 

 *STRAT, 1960 Custom Shop Relic, 2009, faded Sonic Blue, 
      8.1 lbs, big neck, dark Rosewood fretboard, cert, exc+, ohsc..$2950 

 *GIBSON ES-5 Switchmaster, 1999, Sunburst, Curly Maple back
       and sides, Rosewood board with pearl block inlays, 3 humbuckers,
       4-way slider switch in upper bout, 3 Tones and Volumes,
       gold hardware, exc+, ohsc.......$4900

 *FENDER Deluxe Reverb, 1972, Silver Panel, has both
     Tremolo and Reverb, original speaker included  but it
       has an Allessandro "sound circa 1964" 12" speaker installed,
       grill cloth frame a bit bent, vgc+....$2395
 *EPIPHONE Cortez, 1966 made by Gibson,  
      the size of a Gibson B-25, 1 9/16" at the nut,
      natural solid Spruce top, solid Mahogany back and sides, 
      exc, ossc....$2500 

 *GRETSCH Tennessean, 1967, walnut, single cutaway, 2 HiLotron
      pickups, Bigsby, painted on  holes, all original,
     certificate, original grey case, exc....$2950 
 *EASTMAN E40-OM, NEW, 000 size, solid AAA Grade Adirondack Spruce top,
       Solid Rosewood Body Back & Sides, Hand-Carved Scalloped X brace, 
       24.9" scale, 1 3/4"at the bone nut, Ebony bridge with Snowflake Inlay
       Bone saddle, 2-5/32" Spacing, Mahogany Neck with Ebony Fingerboard
       inlaid with  Abalone Snowflakes, Abalone pearl inlaid around top,
       around fingerboard extension and rosette, Bound Ivoroid Top, Back,
       Fingerboard, and Headstock, $3050 list...$2439 with case
 *TRex Replicator D'Luxe, NEW TAPE ECHO
       The Replicator DLuxe is a sum up from all the knowledge,
       we have built up over the years, making Tape delays.
       It is a 2 head machine. The drive mechanism has been updated 
       with a noiseless belt drive. A tape lock/release mechanism
       is added, to make the pinch wheel and tape last longer and
       electronics has been tuned to perfection.
     HANDCRAFTED IN DENMARK Multiple Playback-heads for true analog 
      tape echoes.  One Record head and two playback heads. Short Head
      for slap back delay. Long head for longer modern delays, or 
      combine both heads for a semi Delay-Room experience
         *Delay time Short head =108  520mS. 
         *Delay time long head = 215  1000 mS
         *Tap tempo for Long Head and half the time for the short head
         *True Bypass switching with a gold plated relay
         *New motor suspension with belt drive, for reduced noise operation
         *New Tape deck lock-mechanics to protect pinch roller and 
              tape for longer life span
         *All analog signal path from input to output
       -->Power supply with exchangeable blades 90-240 Volt,
            and an extra tape cartridge included.......$649
   BACK IN STOCK!    *Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships" - the illustrated History of National, Dobro, 
           Supro, Valco and OMI Guitars
                   A 423 page tour-de-force that explores the
            fascinating design world of the musical instruments produced by the Dopyera
           Brothers from 1923 to 1993.  Famous for their 'National' guitars, they went
           on to pioneer electric pickups, fiberglass construction, amplifiers etc, and
           influenced the sound of Country Music, Bluegrass, Blues and Hawaiian music
           through most of the 20th Century.
                Entirely and lavishly illustrated with over 1100 musical instruments and
            amplifiers and more than 100 artists who used them - this is THE
            DEFINITIVE COLLECTION of all the various developments, designs, colours
            and engraving patterns of everything produced by the Dopyera Brothers
            in their various companies throughout the 20th century - National, Dobro, 
            Supro, Valco, Mosrite, Regal and OMI.  It has them ALL!  It also features lap steels, amplifiers 
             and various National and Valco manufactured items for other Trade houses. 
             The book is concluded with an updated list of the serial numbers of known
             and re-discovered instruments - now in excess of 4200.  A MUST HAVE for 
            anyone interested in these guitars.  Leaves other books on the subject 
            in the dust....$149
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                Duke Levine w/ the Roy Sludge Trio in the store the day between 
         the Bowery and the Bell House gigs in NY last week - click here for a clip.  
         Also check out 

                                 ********* PICTURES from the EXHIBIT *************
    These are fairly large prints and are here in the store for purchase, all signed by Jonathan Singer-
       check his site www.botanicamagnifica for his story. 
  Prices were from $500-$1000. On sale, 30-40% off

     SG and Marshall

    Defying logic- 3 Explorers, courtesy J. Menza
   Two '59 Les Pauls, courtesy J. Menza

   Two Airlines

  Three Strats, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Old Golds-ES-295 & '54 Les Paul, courtesy Lark Street Music

  The '60 Cherry Les Paul, courtesy J. Menza

  Moserite Double & Selmer Zodiac,  courtesy Lark Street Music

 Bacon & Days anyday, courtesy Lark Street Music

   Firebirds, courtesy Lark Street Music

  2 Centuries of Progress!
        more to come....

    featuring Buck Malen, Johnny Rabb, Kevin Maul, unknown banjo phenom & Frances


                              Before  After ..... 
                We often get asked  "where do these guitars come from" ??? or "who buys these things" ??
                So here's an interesting picture of the quite rare White ES-345 (that we had for sale for about a year)
                with both it's original ( c. 1964), and current (April'06)  owners.

  Some have complained about bad pictures.  If this is happening to you or your PC, let me know.  We have Macs 
  and the pictures are large and clear, so we'd like to know figure out why this problem is happening
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That's probably what people are complaining about. Usually, if they hold the
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       For you who don't know, we do all manner of guitar repair and restoration.  We do most of it here but 
      also give some work to Dom Ramos -repairing and building since working in Dan Armstrong's shop in 
      the '60s.  We've also been a Martin Warrantee Center since 1985 before Martin closed down all 5 NJ Centers 
      because of a tax dispute between NJ and Martin

           DON'T SCROLL DOWN -    Feelings below

  Political sentiments
Turn back before it's too late!

A friend wrote this. I take no credit, but it's  food for thought.
"I'm not asking anyone to take my side, or the side of Israel, but I am asking you to think critically about the news you get from CNN and the BBC and AlJazeera or whatever station you watch
If we were colonizers, we would be actively planning wars, and TAKING land, not giving it away for PEACE. ( SINAI, Lebanon, Gaza strip...all relinquished, after being won, fairly, in a war, which we did not start. And yet still given away, in the promise of PEACE, which we have not gotten in return)
If we were committing genocide, then the population of Gaza and the West Bank would not have GROWN since 1967, but rather gotten smaller..no? Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank 1967: less than 1 million. Arabs in those areas today: 5 million) 
That is not GENOCIDE! You cannot have 500% population growth in a genocide. 
The definition of genocide is: 
" The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group"
Does it look like we've destroyed anyone or are aiming to? 
Point of fact, we do not engage unless engaged with. And even then, our engagements are military, warnings in advance to clear the area and no civilian engagement whenever possible. 
Which brings me to the next part: 
War Crimes. Do you see in Israel rocket launchers on residential streets, missiles hidden under hospitals and schools (yes, even UNWRA schools got in on the deal)? Do you see 5 year old martyrs with hand grenades, and children trained with automatic weapons, and calls to behead all arabs, wherever we can find them? No, you do not. 
That is what our army faces against daily. And our CIVILIAN population is faced with daily, hourly....the WAR CRIMES of HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority. 
If we wanted to flatten all of Gaza and turn it into a parking lot, we have the weapon power to do it in 3 minutes. Why in the world do you think we haven't? After 10,000's of rockets and missiles have been fired indiscriminately at our cities and schools and homes, after Israelis have been killed and maimed and attacked....the reason is because we value HUMAN LIFE. Because we are trying to save the lives of the people of Gaza and the West Bank. We introduced water and power infrastructure to their villages. Before Israel, they had none. 
Next, the claims that Gaza is an open air prison, or a death camp etc. Ask yourself, how poor Gaza, that the BBC and NYT likes to claim is cut off from the world, and has no access to supplies...can import or import the materials to make thousands of rockets and missiles and rocket launchers --but can't import food, or medicine? Ask yourself where all of the cement and supplies to build schools and hospitals went...when instead there are hundreds of miles of cement and steel reinforced underground terror tunnels built every year. 
Finally, ask yourself how the leaders and government of poor Gaza have enough money to have a Billionaires Gaza Yacht Club with multi-million dollar yachts, and facilities, luxurious 5 star hotels, shopping malls filled with Gucci and Chanel and Polo shirts -- while their people literally starve and beg for help. 
And that is the main point. Israel does not govern GAZA. Israel is not in GAZA. Israel does not control GAZA. Gaza controls GAZA. So whatever the War Crime is for shelling your own population (430 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel have actually fallen within Gaza hurting and killing their own people), for putting rockets and missiles under their homes, for stealing their food and international aid -- you should know who to blame. The same Gazan leadership the Free Palestine movement funds and supports.
And now, think again critically about this situation. Do you honestly think that "Free-ing Palestine", and turning Israel over to these same folks that currently run GAZA or Ramallah so well is the solution to anything? Will provide more food or medicine or opportunity or freedom to ANYONE? Free Palestine hangs gay men from the tops of buildings and drags their bodies through the streets. Free Palestine supports honor killings of young women who have been raped or abused or shamed. Free Palestine calls for the elimination of all Jews. Free Palestine is in reality, nothing more than a thuggish, brutal, facist military regime, dressed up like a woke, liberal western project with nice slogans and catchy protest tunes. 
Like with most things, just follow the money and see what Free Palestine is really all about before lending your voice or your funds or support. 
Again, you don't have to wave an Israeli flag from your flagpole, but if you care about justice, real justice, and peace, freedom and security, think critically about the information you receive and then ask yourself what rings true."
ed by StandWithUs


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