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 *FENDER Jaguar, 1965, Candy Apple Red  w/ matching peghead,  bound pearl dot Brazilian 
             rosewood board, neck dated December 1965, white pick guard, pots dated 30th 
            week of 1965,  8.10 lbs. all original & near mint, ohsc......$5900

  *FENDER Jazzmaster, 1965, sunburst,  Rare 1965 Jazzmaster with 
            clay dots in the fingerboard,  all original, plays and sounds great,
            vgc+, ohsc...............$4250
   *FENDER Jazzmaster, 1995, Made in Japan, Candy Apple Red, 
           Vintage re-issue, near mint, gigbag..$1095

  *FENDER Esquire, 1952, butterscotch,  blackguard, nice refret, 
             7.49 lbs, lots of wear, great guitar, hsc....on hold
  *FENDER Stratocaster, 1954, stripped finish, newer pickups- they sound
             old and great, original tuners, pickguard, knobs, bridge, saddles, missing
            a few dots in the board which will be replaced, nice piece of ash, tweed case
  *FENDER Stratocaster, 1964, Candy Apple Red,  small-medium blem on top finish, 
        all else original, pots all dated  28th week of '64, 2 grey and one black bobbin 
        pickups, dated 12/14/64,  neck dated Nov. '64, vgc, white ohsc..........$16,000
  *FENDER Stratocaster, 1973, Olympic White, black guard, staggered pole piece
          pickups, refretted and refinished maple board, Schallers, vgc+, hsc....$1850

 *FENDER Stratocaster, 1979, Candy Apple Red, maple neck, converted to 4-bolt neck
        plate, refretted, exc, ohsc.........$1750
  *FENDER Stratocaster, 1982, A Standard Stratocaster with 4 bolt 
        neck, early version of the return to the  'small' peghead-  Volume, Volume & Tone 
        knobs, the Smith Strat,  Sienna sunburst on Ash body, Duncan dual coil Strat pickup
         in lead position, Maple neck with original frets in playable condition,
         8.57 lbs vgc, hsc....$1500

 *FENDER Mary Kay Relic Strat, Custom Shop 1996,  Blonde Cunetto, 
          maple neck, Gold hardware, 7.4 lbs, neck signed by John Cruz, exc, tweed case

 *FENDER '62 STRAT Re-Issue, Lefty, sunburst, USA, tweed case, exc....$1195
  *FENDER Stratocaster '57 Relic, 2005 Custom Shop, Gold metal flake finish, 
             soft V neck, 7.43 lbs, lightly aged, Fralin pickups installed
             but comes with originals too, papers, exc+, tweed case......$3000

  *FENDER Strat, 2008, USA Standard, Sienna sunburst on Ash body,
         maple neck, like new, papers, hsc.......$895

 *FENDER Stratocaster Deluxe, 2004, soft sunburst, ash body, maple neck, 
          exc, plastic hsc.......$895
  *FENDER Stratocaster, BRAND NEW, Custom Shop '55 Relic, Surf Green,
              medium round maple neck, 7.57 lbs, tweed case......$2950

  *FENDER Strat "Tumblin Dice", 2006, Black, has Fender Licensed 
                  Reith/Moses graphite neck  beautifully inlaid with dice, dice knobs,
                   Dimarzio pickups, exc, gigbag............$1450
   *FENDER Stratocaster, made in Mexico, Lake Placid Blue, exc, gigbag.....$395

  *FENDER Strat, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, used, white, rosewood board, exc...$550
  *FENDER Telecaster, 1967, Blonde, restored top by Lays- it had 2 humbuckers,
         maple fingerboard, 6.9 lbs, replaced single coil pickups sound great, vgc, ohsc....$4000

 *FENDER  Telecaster,  1968, blonde, maple neck, rhythm pickup 
            position is routed for a humbucker- single coil now installed, 
             pro fret job, 7.28 lbs, , vgc.......$4500 

  *FENDER Telecaster Custom, c 1974, sunburst, maple neck,
           humbucker at neck, single coil pickup at bridge, exc, ohsc........$3250

 *FENDER Nocaster Custom Shop Relic, 2006, Closet Classic, Butterscotch, big neck, 
        Bare Knuckles pickups,  exc+, tweed case...........$2250
  *FENDER Standard Mexican Tele, Lefty, recent, dark red, maple board, 
           exc, gigbag...$395
  *FENDER D'Aquisto Elite, 1985, 16" cutaway archtop jazz guitar, 
           ebony appointments, pearl block inlays,  Black, 1 pickup, made in Japan  
            vgc+, ohsc.....$1895
      *FENDER Kluson Tuning Machines, ca 1965, double line logo, for Strats, Teles etc- 6-in-line,
        original but no bushings, vgc+....................................$350


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 *GIBSON LES PAUL Custom, 1968, Black, A shinier one is not to be found, not that easily anyway.
              The gold still gleams. A one-owner Les Paul from a little old lady who treated it right.
              Totally stock, 1 piece body, 1 piece neck, a beautiful guitar, all '68 specs except
            fro serial number intruding into 1969, exc+, ohsc.......$14,500
  *GIBSON L-5S, 1980, tobacco sunburst, rare 2-piece center seamed top,
        had a D'aquisto style pickguard which is in the case,  original humbuckers
        and stud fine tuning tailpiece, vgc++, hsc.........$3950
  *GIBSON SG Custom, 1963, White, gold parts, tremelo, all original, exc, ohsc...$12,500

 *GIBSON Les Paul Goldtop, 1953, one owner, near mint, wraparound tailpiece,
         original papers & case....$39,000

  *GIBSON Les Paul Deluxe, 1979, LEFTY,  cherry sunburst, 
         flamed 2 piece center seamed top, 2 mini humbuckers with cream surrounds,
        10.1 lbs, ohsc, exc.....$3395

  *GIBSON LES PAUL '59 Historic R9 Re-issue, 2006,  9.04 lbs, tobacco sunburst, 
           near mint, ohsc..$4250

 *GIBSON Les Paul '58 Re-issue, 2001, faded burst, 8.8 lbs, nice top,
              vgc++, ohsc...$3250
  *GIBSON Les Paul Traditional Pro, 2012, Cherry sunburst, Zebra humbuckers with coil tap
          pull controls on volume pots, exc+, ohsc............$1395 
   *GIBSON Les Paul TV Jr, 1956, single cutaway, 1 P-90, 
                TV Yellow finish, vgc+, hsc.....$8000

  *GIBSON Les Paul Jr, 1957, sunburst, original tuners with new buttons, good refret,
         all else original, 7.2 lbs, newer hard case........$4950

  *GIBSON Les Paul Jr, 1961, SG body, trem removed, good refret, strong 
        original P-90, new wrap tailpiece,  Les Paul Jr. silkscreen,  vgc+, hsc... ....$2950
 *GIBSON LES PAUL Jr. Plectrum "Special" (on tag) , 1959, cherry, double cutaway, has  original
          tag specifying model, 26 3/8" scale, 4 strings, pretty cool, exc, ssc............................$4500

    *GIBSON SG Standard, 2000, cherry,  2 humbuckers, exc, gigbag..$750

  *GIBSON Firebird III, 1964, sunburst, all original reverse body, 2 Firebird
       mini humbuckers pickups,  tremelo, dot inlay, ohsc, exc...$9500

  *GIBSON Flying V '67, 2002, Black, light weight body, short tremelo, 6.96 lbs,
             exc, ohsc....$2750
  *GIBSON MELODY MAKER, 1964, sunburst, 2 pickups, tremelo, 1 11/16"
         at the nut, 100% original, hsc.........$1795

 *GIBSON Electric solid body, Harp Guitar, Custom Shop 1992, 18 strings, 
         the 'Aircraft Carrier' rises from the deep, one (long) zebra Humbucker, one of a kind,
          '68 pots, huge case lined with '60s Gibson Yellow lining, made by Roger Giffin,
         pluck it, slide on it, ebow it, exc.......$9,900

 *GIBSON CEC Chet Atkins Solid body Classical, 1981, 
                 natural finish,  spruce top, mahogany body, 2 small repaired top 
                 cracks just south of bridge, Nylon string solid body, 1 13/16" at nut,
                 vgc+ natural, vgc, ohsc...$1350
  *EPIPHONE Coronet, 1965, cherry, 1 metal covered P-90, stop tailpiece,
         some finish wear, vgc, gigbag.....$2250

                                  WARNING ATTENTION HELLO  THIS LES PAUL WAS STOLEN !!!!!
 *LES PAUL '58 Re-issue, SN 88818, Amber tobacco sunburst, beautiful 
    FLAMES, excellent+, THIS GUITAR WAS STOLEN- SERIAL #88818 
                           IF YOU SEE IT CALL US! 




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   *GIBSON ES-335, 1968, Sunburst, converted to stop tailpiece from the original
        trapeze, some lacquer checking, exc, hsc.....$4500

  *GIBSON ES-335, 1972, Walnut, embossed "Gibson" pickup covers, 
          near mint, ohsc, on consignment......$3950

   *GIBSON ES-330, 1961, Sunburst Dot neck, 2 P-90s, Bigsby tailpiece added, 
    Grovers added, exc...$3900
  *GIBSON ES-330, 1967, Sparkling Burgundy, 2 P-90s, vgc++, hsc....$3750

  *GIBSON Chet Atkins, 1992, Black, semi-hollow body, 16 1/2" across,
           red square markers, gold hardware, usually these come with a Bigsby- this one 
           has a 6-finger tailpiece, single cutaway,  2 humbuckers, exc+ , ohsc......$2650
   *GIBSON ES-225D, 1956, Sunburst, 2 P-90s, exc++, ohsc..........$4500

 *GIBSON ES-225TD, 1956, Sunburst, 2 P-90s, single cutaway, 
        replaced tuners, knobs, pickguard, some clear lacquer over-sprayed on back of neck,
        newer hard case, vgc+..............$2950
  *GIBSON ES-175D, 1955, sunburst, 2 P-90s, all original, exc, alligator hsc ...$5750
 *GIBSON ES-137, 2003, cherry sunburst, flamed curly maple top, back and sides,
              2 humbuckers, single cutaway, 2 1/8" depth, 24 1/2" scale, near
              mint, ohsc...........$1695..on hold

  *GIBSON ES-125TCD, 1961, vivid Cherry sunburst, 2 P-90s, single
          cutaway, thin body, exc++, hsc...........$3500

  *EPIPHONE Professional WITH Matching Amp, 1962, Cherry, 1 humbucker,
         guitar controls amp, all original, tip of pickguard missing, vgc++, hsc.....$2500

 *EPIPHONE Zephyr Regent, 1952-53, 17" cutaway, sunburst top, black 
                 back & sides, Epi pickup at the neck position, pearl block inlay in rosewood board, 
         all original, vgc, brown case..........$2250
 *EASTMAN AR371-CE, new, ES-175 style, all laminated body as are 175s, sunburst, 
         single humbucker at neck, In response to continued requests from players around 
         the world, Eastman introduces laminated wood construction to its archtop lineup. 
         Offering lower feedback in high volume playing, and a unique sound that guitarists
        love, Eastman brings these high quality instruments to musicians everywhere for 
         an even more affordable price, $850 list price, ohsc................temp out of stock

  *EASTMAN AR-403 CE, New, Sunburst, single cutaway archtop, humbucking
           pickup at the neck, gold hardware, 16" across, 2 5/8" deep, 24.9" scale, 
            1 11/16" at nut, ohsc........Lists for $1150..........$950  

  *FENDER D'Aquisto Elite, 1985, 16" cutaway archtop jazz guitar, 
           ebony appointments, pearl block inlays,  Black, 1 pickup, made in Japan  
            vgc+, ohsc.....$1895

 *FGN Masterfield by Fugi Gen, Japan,  ES-335 style, recent, sunburst, exc...........$1195

 *EASTMAN El Ray ER-2 Deluxe Jazz, New, Sunburst, 2 humbuckers, ebony bridge, tailpiece,
        and pic guard, carved spruce top, carved maple back and sides, $2075
        list price, small blem, w/ case................$1495

  *GUILD X-175, 1965, refinished in Gretsch Orange, 2 white P-90 style pickups,
               Guild Bigsby, 17" across, 3" deep, pearloid buttoned Guild tuners,
              wonderful guitar, exc, ohsc......SOLD
  *KAY model K 8990, K UPBEAT, c 1959,  Gleaming Jet Black,
           one "K" pickup,  adjustable tension slim "K" neck, Kelvinator headstock
           , exc, gigbag...................................$1695
 *KAY Swingmaster, Semi-hollow Jazz, ca 1961, sunburst, 2 Gold K pickups,
         added Bigsby, black/white check binding, pearloid block
         fingerboard inlays, original open back Grovers great player, vgc, hsc......$895

    *TEISCO EP-8T, c 1965, Japan, sunburst, double cutaway thin hollowbody,
           2 pickups, tremelo, exc......$195



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  *EPIPHONE Frontier, FT-110, 1963, sunburst, dreadnought, ceramic saddle  adj.
         bridge, lariat & cactus pickguard, figured maple back & sides, an extremely
           fine gitar in evert way,  huge sound,  ohsc...$4750

 *EPIPHONE Troubador, 1963, natural, 2" wide at nut, slim neck, double white
         pickguards, maple back and sides, spruce top, Brazilian fingerboard, the original owner of
         this guitar had traded Buddy Holly a 2 pickup Guild archtop for Buddy's '50s Strat when
         Buddy was in NYC in '57, later he traded the Strat in at Manny's towards this Troubador-and
         didn't mention that he had gotten it from Buddy, so someone who bought
         a used Strat from Manny's in '63 has one of Buddy's Strats, vgc+, ohsc............$3250

 *EPIPHONE Texan, 1962, early small peghead, new Belly Up/Down bridge
          finally answering the age old question of which Gibson bridge style is better, 
          superb tone and playability,  get an early '60s all original finish Texan for 
           almost 1/2 price! exc-, hsc..........$2500

 *EPIPHONE Texan FT-79N, c 1968, all original with Fishman Rare earth soundhole
            pickup, spruce top, mahogany back & sides, original black pickguard screws into 
             top, ceramic saddle in adjustable bridge, vgc+, hsc........$2750

 *EPIPHONE Triumph Regent, 1951, Blonde cutaway, solid
          carved spruce top, maple back and sides, 17 3/8" wide, 25.4" scale, 1 3/4"
         at nut, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, all original except the pickguard
          has small cutout for a floating pickup, ohsc, exc.........$3950

  *EPIPHONE Zephyr Regent, 1952-53, 17" cutaway, sunburst top, black 
                 back & sides, Epi pickup at the neck position, pearl block inlay in rosewood board, 
         all original, vgc, hsc..........$2150
   *EPIPHONE Coronet, 1965, cherry, 1 metal covered P-90, stop tailpiece,
         some finish wear, vgc, gigbag.....$2250

 *EPIPHONE EA-7E Professional WITH Matching Amp, c 1962, Cherry, 1 humbucker,
         guitar controls amp, all original, tip of pickguard missing, vgc++, hsc.....$2500

  *EPIPHONE Olympic Double, 1965-68, cherry, 2 single coils,
         massive cro-magnon neck-meets-body repair, solid,
         fine player, vg-.............$595






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  *GRETSCH 6120, 1957, DeArmonde pickups, deep Orange, humped in lays,
         all original, exc, white case...............$9500 
 *GRETSCH DuoJet, 1959, Black, 2 PAF Filtertron pickups, added Bigsby but
           original tailpiece is in the original case, vgc, ohsc...$5500

  *GRETSCH White Penguin, 2013, by Steve Stern of the Gretsch Custom Shop, 
         aged finish, single cutaway, Gold sparkle binding, V tailpiece, vertical logo,
           2 Gold PAF Filtertron pickups, as new, tweed case, papers........$4750

 *GRETSCH White Penguin, 2013, Custom Shop Master Built by Steve Stern,
              Double Cutaway, papers and tags, mint, ohsc.........$4750
  *GRETSCH 6125 Single Anniversary, 1961, smoke green, one HiLotron pickup,
          exc, hsc...........$1495

 *GRETSCH 6124 Single Anniversary, 1961, sunburst, PAF Filtertron pickup, 
             15 1/2' wide body with cutaway- same as a 6120, exc, ohsc.........$1595
  *GRETSCH Double Anniversary, model 6117, ca 1966, Sunburst, 
           2 HiLotrons, G tailpiece,  exc+, hsc.........$1795

 *GRETSCH New Yorker, 1958, 16" archtop, non-cutaway, sunburst, 
           all original, new frets, vgc, beat ohsc....$795

 *GRETSCH Nashville, ca 1968, Orange, double cutaway
         gold hardware, 2 Filtertrons, some binding browning, all original with Bigsby
        vgc, ohsc.....$2950
  *RICKENBACKER 366/12, 1968,  Convertible! 12 string with the 
        "Comb" that makes it possible to pull down 6 strings and play it as a regular
        6 string as well, 2 Toaster Top pickups,  all original, exc+, silver case..............$4500

 *RICKENBACKER 660-12 string Re-issue, ca 2008, rich vibrant Fireglo finish,  
               flamed maple solid body, checkerboard binding, retro shark tooth fingerboard inlay,
               2 toaster top pickups, the elusive wide neck, near mint  ohsc..............$2500
 *RICKENBACKER 950, 1967, Mapleglo, 2 toaster top pickups, 
             exc, silver case........ $1995

 *RICKENBACKER 360/6 Carl Wilson Limited Edition, 2000, # 430/500
           Fireglo, nicely flamed back and top, certificate & poster, silver case, mint....$2750

 *RICKENBACKER 330, 1989, Black, 2 pickups, all original but bridge pickup now
          is a Rickenbacker Humbucker ( direct replacement)  original pickup comes
           with the guitar, exc, ohsc...........$1350



  *D'ANGELICO Excel, 1958, Natural finish, cutaway, American curly maple
                back & sides,straight from the original family, replaced pickguard, one repaired top 
               crack in that area- all else original,  exc, ohsc.......$35,000

 *EASTMAN PAGELLI PG-2, 2014, new, 17" archtop, amber violin finish, carved spruce top,
         carved maple back & sides, floating pickup, ebony appointments, designed by
       the great Swiss guitar making team Claudio & Claudia  Pagelli ohsc...... $2850

 *GIBSON Harp Guitar, 1907, Black, 21" across, all original except back and sides
         refinished, 1 piece walnut back, exc, Harptone custom hsc......$9500

  *GIBSON HARP GUITAR, 1913, Style U with 10 sub-bass strings, Black, 
               all original except for nicely made new bridge, exc, ohsc...$7500
  *GIBSON L-5P, 1947 L-5 Premier cutaway, 17" archtop, sunburst with perfect replaced
          top by Brad Nickerson, faux Charlie Christian floating pickup, flamed Maple
          back and sides, original tuners and tailpiece, vgc+, ohsc.....$7900 
  *GIBSON L-5, 1947, 17" top of the line archtop, sunburst, Pearl script logo,
          beautifully sculpted bridge by D'Aquisto or Monteleone, no pickguard,
         all other hardware original,  vgc+, hsc................$5750
    *GIBSON L-5,  c 1946, sunburst, noncutaway, all original but missing pickguard

  *GIBSON Johnny Smith, 1968, tobacco sunburst, 1 pickup, flamed
        maple back and sides, exc, hsc........$8500

 *GIBSON Johnny Smith, 1979, Blonde, single pickup, 
       top of the line 17" cutaway, all solid carved woods, Spruce top, maple back & sides,  
        near mint, ohsc......$7500
  *GIBSON L-4, 1924, Cremona sunburst, oval sound hole, special model
          with block inlays in fingerboard, 2 hairline top cracks repaired
         very good plus condition with original hard shell case........$4250

   *GUILD A-50, 1968, Sunburst, non-cutaway archtop, vgc, all original..$750

   *EASTMAN AR-810, 17" Archtop, sunburst, non-cutaway, carved spruce top, solid carved
          curly maple back & sides, exc, ohsc..........$1150

  *HERITAGE 575 Custom, 2001, Amber sunburst, solid carved curly maple top &
         back & sides, ebony board with pearl block inlays, floating custom wound
         pickup (original in case), Grover Imperial tuners, maple pickguard, exc, ohsc...$2350
   *HOFNER  Model 468, ca 1959, sunburst, cutaway, the 468 was the domestic equivalent 
              guitar to the Committee, vgc+ .....$1650

 *HOFNER Model 4550, late '50s, 17" non-cutaway archtop, Germany, vgc...$895

 *The LOAR LH-650-NA, New, 16" cutaway archtop, all solid woods- hand-carved 
           spruce top,  hand carved figured maple back & sides,  24 3/4" scale, 1 3/4" nut,
           bound rosewood board, 1-piece mahogany neck, Kent Armstrong floating pickup, 
            Nitrocellelose hand rubbed  finish, $1799 list, hsc.........$1250..sold

    *The LOAR LH-350 VS, New, Vintage sunburst, cutaway 16" archtop, floating
      Johnny Smith style humbucker pickup at neck, hand-carved spruce top,
          maple back & sides,  24 3/4" scale, 1 3/4" nut, bound rosewood board, $999 list........$749
 1946 STROMBERG MASTER 400, Blonde, One of the most amazing 
          guitars ever, a true classic that does what it's supposed to do- the 
           loudest rythm guitar you'll probably ever hear AND the most beautiful! excellent, ohsc.....$45,000

 *TACOMA AJF22C,  recent, made in USA, 17" cutaway Archtop, all solid 
           carved woods, curtly maple back and sides, ebony pickguard 
           and tailpiece, exc, ohsc..............$1395

  *VERRI Archtop, ca 2001, 17" carved archtop, Blonde, ebony bridge, tailpiece, pickguard,
        floating pickup, figured maple neck and back & sides, carved spruce top, exc, hsc.......$2250





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 *ARIA 2010 Fifa World Cup Soccer guitar, new, w/ built in amp...$139
 *BC RICH Exotic, used, made in Korea, natural, exc, ohsc.....$650

 *BC RICH BICH, c 1990, Natural, Custom Shop, 6-string, one
         owner, exc, ohsc...$2995

  *BENEDETTO  Benny, Carved-top, chambered solid body, 14 ½" lower bout, 
          2" body depth, Florentine cutaway, carved spruce top, chambered Mahogany body, 
          Mahogany neck, Ebony board 12" radius, with 12th fret abalone floral inlay
           1 ¾" at nut, 25" scale, Gold hardware, 2 Benedetto A–6 gold humbuckers, 
           Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, Honey Blonde/Espresso back, sides & neck, exc, hsc...$3250
  *COLLINGS CL Standard, NEW, root beer finish over Premium
       flamed maple top, mahogany body and neck, grained ivoroid top binding
        high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, Ebony peghead overlay with inlaid 
        Collings logo, Rosewood fingerboard, long mortise and tenon neck joint
          w/contoured heel, 22 Frets, neck joins the body at the 16th frets, 
          Medium-Fat "C" neck shape, 12" Fingerboard radius, 1 11/16" Bone nut
           24 7/8" Scale length, 2 Lollar standard Imperial humbuckers,
          Tonepros AVR-II bridge and tailpiece, Nickel Gotoh SG301 tuners 
          w/ vintage-style buttons 1:18 ratio , Collings deluxe hardshell case
           by Ameritage, NEW..................$3500

  *CORAL SITAR, '60s,  red alligator finish, 2 pickups, the Original Electric 
            Sitar by Vinnie Bell, all original, exc, gigbag........$2900

 *DANELECTRO U-3, 1958, copperburst, single cutaway, 3 lipstick tube pickups, 
          modern bridge & tuners but originals in case, fine playing and sounding, gigbag.....$2350

  *DANELECTRO Bellzouki, ca 1964, 12-string, brownburst, all original 
           with 1 lipstick tube pickup, ohsc, vgc+.........$900


                Danelectro Baritone, Black or Red in stock...$419
                Danelectro Pro, 6 string electric, Blue, 2 lipstick tube pickups...$399
                Danelectro Longhorn Bass, New, Copperburst...$419

 *DANOCASTER Tele Thinline, by Dan Strain,  recent,
               mahogany semi-hollow body with ƒ hole, maple neck, made in Nashville, 
               exc, gigbag.....$1895
  *DILLION "Brian May" copy, New, cherry, with all the switching that these are famous for,
            3 Burns Tri-sonic pickups, tremelo, gigbag, list $800..............$595

  *ESP the MIRAGE, '80s, white, 2 humbuckers, tremelo, Ebony fretboard 
        with dot inlays, black hardware, gig-ready, exc, gigbag.....$1250
 *FANO  Alt De Facto SP6, recent, light blue,  aged alder body,  medium size
         maple neck with rosewood board, Fralin P-90 pickup and Tele bridge pickup 
            Fano "T" Bridge w/3 Saddles, exc, ohsc..........$2295  

  *G&L ASAT Z3, 2002, Blonde, 3 Z pickups, Strat style Tremelo, 8.4 lbs,
           bird's eye MAple neck, like new, certificate, ohsc......$950
  *GITTLER, #112, ca 1983, white plastic back,
        The Gittler guitar has 6 strings. Each string has its own pickup. Later versions 
        like this one have a plastic body. The steel frets, consisting of stainless steel 
        bars pressure fitted into the stainless steel neck, give the instrument a sitar-like 
        feel, as it is possible to bend the strings downward past where a wooden fretboard 
        would prohibit the movement in a conventional guitar. The six individual pickups 
        can be routed to divided outputs via D-sub-9-pin. or be mixed to a 1/4" TS connector. 
        The built in pre-amps are powered by a 9 V battery or via D-sub connector exc, gigbag........$2900

  *GUILD Thunderbird, 1965, White, 2 pickups, rare.....$6500

  *G# Electric Guitar, New, high strung, 1 pickup, gigbag.........$379 
  *HARDEN Engineering Electric, recent, 3 pickups, Bigsby,
          figured maple neck, engraved metal decor, mint, gigbag....$2950
  *HONDO Strat, '80s, Fiesta Red, maple neck, exc, ossc..........$225

 *Ibanez Jem 7V Steve Vai Signature, White, recent, gold hardware, 
              Humbucker, single, humbucker, with Piezo pickup in bridge, abalone
               vine in fingerboard, monkey grip mint, ohsc....$1500

  *IBANEZ Artist, c 1978, dark sunburst, arched top, mahogany body, gold
            hardware, ebony board with pearl and abalone box inlays, 2 original
            Ibanez humbuckers, exc, hsc................$850

     *IBANEZ RG350DX, recent, white, 3 pu, trem....$195

  *ITALIA, Red sparkle w/ white pearloid neck and back, 2 humbuckers, exc, gigbag.....$450
  *JET Earlewood,  handmade by Jeffrey Earle Terwilliger, 
         recent, gorgeous blue/green  Carribean Burst,   Duncan humbucker  at 
        bridge, Sustainer  humbucker at neck, $6400 when  new, exc-, ohsc,...........$3250

 *KAY solid body, Value Leader maybe, 'ca 1961, 3 pickups, 
                6 knobs, maple fretboard, all original, plays real good!...$795

 *RICK KELLY Telecaster, recent, sunburst alder body, big maple neck with 
              rosewood board, Fralin pickups, exc, gigbag........$1995

  *RON KIRN "Telecaster", Custom, New, sunburst, curly book matched maple veneer front
              and back  over swamp ash body, 6.3 lbs,
              rosewood board, Neck Profile: Soft “V”  Radius 7.25  Medium Frets.
              Finished in Nitrocellulose, with hand burnished back.
              Custom 5 way Plus wiring and Curtis Novak Calibrated pickups, hsc............$2500
  *KAY model K 8990, K UPBEAT, c 1959,  Gleaming Jet Black,
           one "K" pickup,  adjustable tension slim "K" neck, Kelvinator headstock
           , exc, gigbag...................................$1695
 *KAY Swingmaster, Semi-hollow Jazz, ca 1961, sunburst, 2 Gold K pickups,
         added Bigsby, black/white check binding, pearloid block
         fingerboard inlays, original open back Grovers great player, vgc, hsc......$1000
  *KLEIN Barden Caster, Blonde, Barden Telecaster style pickups,  built by Steve Klein
          for Joe Barden, ash body, one of a kind, exc, gb......$7500

  *LEIBER American Beauty Classic 2010, recent, natural, flamed Maple three piece neck
             with a 160-year-old rosewood fingerboard, body is chambered American Black
             Walnut with a ¼ inch Flame Maple top, abalone eagle logo inlay, pick up mounting
             ring is figured maple,   2 humbuckers, single coil at neck, Garcia DiMarzio pickup
             package (minus the effects loop and buffer)-
             Master volume, neck pickup tone control, middle and rear pickup tone control, 5 
             position lever switch, coil tapping switches for both middle and rear pickups
             ie series / single coil / parallel. Electronics cavity has been dimensioned to receive
             future components, dual acting truss rods  
             $4600 new,  exc, ohsc.............$2950
  *NASH '57 Black "Strat", 2008, aged finish, 7.01 lbs, Lollar pickups, 
          alder body, maple board, like new, certificate, ohsc..........$1450
   *NELSON Coquette, New, Blonde, 2 handmade pickups, 
          neck-thru body,  24.75" scale,  9.5" radius, quarter sawn hard maple neck,
           Nelson "Rhythm Chief" pickups,  Anodized aluminum guard
            Gotoh 15:1 tuners, Nitro-cellulouse lacquer finish, hsc....sold

 *NELSON Socialite, New, Dark Blue/Green with gold anodized guard, 
        neck-thru body construction, 24.75" scale,  9.5" radius, quarter sawn hard maple 
         neck, 2 Nelson "Rhythm Chief" pickups, anodized aluminum guard, Gotoh 15:1 
          tuners, Nitro-cellulouse lacquer finish, mint, hsc....sold
 *PEAVEY Marvel Rockmaster Electrics, NEW, Thor and Captain America......

  *PEAVEY MARVEL Electric Guitar, signed by Stan Lee w/ certificate......$300

  *PENSA Custom, 1996, 2 singles and a humbcker plus a Fishman Piezo pickup in 
        tremelo bridge, sunburst satin finish, gold hardware,  Sperzel tuners, 
        ebony board, near mint, gigbag..........$1950

  *PERFORMANCE Strat, ca 2005, genuine Boa Constrictor snakeskin finish with
         matching peghead!, custom made, non-trem, 1 Duncan humbucker with push/pull
        coil splitting knob, maple neck, some fret wear, ohsc, exc........$2295
   *RAJAH Zeetar, ca 1970, white, 2 pickups, as is............$650
  *RAMOS Stratocaster, ca 2002, Green, maple neck, 7/8 size, P-90 style bridge
         pickup and 2 Strat-style other pickups, exc+, gigbag...$2250

 *RAMOS Telecaster, ca 2005, blonde, Charlie Christion Lollar in neck,
        Lollar Tele pickup in middle position, Lollar tele pickup at bridge, maple neck,
        exc, ohsc...........$2250, reduced.......$1850

 *JENS RITTER Princess, recent, solid body, all white with gold hardware,
           1 pickup, mint, ohsc..........$7900

 *SPALT/KLEIN, or the SPLEIN, 7-String, started life as a modest
          Steve Klein electric and now morphed by Spalt onto another level....$7500
    *SILVERTONE Model 1448, '60s, amp-in case model, black, 1 lipstick tube pickup,
          amp works but speaker is blown, vgc+........$450
  *TEISCO J-3, 1961, Natural, solid body, one metal covered pickup with
        colored slot, metal guard bound neck, very early Japanese electric
        that sounds and plays great!, ssc..............sold

  *TEISCO "Silvertone", '70s Japan, Blue, 2 pickups, whammy, 
           ohsc, exc.....$650

    *TEISCO EP-8T, c 1965, Japan, sunburst, double cutaway thin hollowbody,
           2 pickups, tremelo, exc......$195
   *TEUFFEL stock
  *TRAVELLER SPEEDSTER, Escape model,  compact electric solid body
                       classical, exc, gigbag................$269 
  *WOODY PHIFER Signature Series, c 2001, light sunburst, chambered solid body with
             carved spruce top, carved maple body with sculpted back, single coil 
             Telecaster style pickups, shows slight wear, $10,000 new, exc, ohsc...........$3750


                              CLICK on ICON to the left of Listing for a PICTURE 

  *FENDER Jazz Bass, 1965, Sunburst factory refinish probably in the '70s, accurate 
          '65 Sunburst finish,  all else original, ohsc.........$6950
  *FENDER '64 Jazz Bass Relic, 2006, Custom Shop, sunburst, medium aged wear,
            straight neck, good frets,  ohsc..$2250

 *FENDER Jazz Bass, 1977, Sunburst, Maple neck w/ pearl block
           inlays, Dimarzio pickups, vgc+, ohsc............$2500
  *FENDER Precision Bass, 1972, Sunburst, Maple neck, all original, 9.35 lbs,
         all covers, exc, ohsc.........$3000
  *FENDER P-BASS, 1981, sunburst, maple neck, 7.7 lbs,   
        White pickup era,  gigbag, vgc+...$995
  *G&L SB-2 Bass, recent, sunburst, ash body, rosewood board, 2 pickups-
         one similar to a Jazz, the other to a Precision, near mint, ohsc.....$795

  *HAGSTROM 8-String Bass, '69-'70, sunburst, exc, ohsc........$1195
  *HOFNER Beatle Bass, ca 1969, sunburst, 2 original bar magnet 
               pickups, neck bowed, vgc, ohsc..$1395
  *KAY Upright Bass, S-9, ca 1959, Full body, vgc, gigbag....$2100
  *KAY Bass, 1966, Value Leader model, Leaf Green,  
          stunning color, straight neck, strong pickup, exc, hsc......$895 
  *RICKENBACKER 4001 Bass, 1973, Natural, made Fretless, boost added,
           tuners changed......$1450
  *JENS RITTER Jupiter Fretless Bass, 2003,  #0346, Futura Black, you've 
        never seen anything like this- one of the most creative builders of our time,
         near mint, ohsc........$8500
  *GOLDTONE Micro Bass, NEW, small mahogany body, cutaway, pickup,  
       The MicroBass, or M-Bass, is a 23" short-scaled acoustic/electric bass 
       guitar that utilizes a dedicated synthetic string made by the Aquila company
       and a piezo transducer pickup that deceivingly packs far more of a wallop than 
       what meets the eye.  The extended scale length greatly improves intonation 
        over similar models and allows for an acoustic volume loud enough to enjoy
          without plugging into an amplifier.  The sloped ergo-glide top makes this 
         instrument extremely comfortable to hold.  It features a fretless neck for a 
         tone remarkably similar to a traditional upright double bass.  Maple veneer
          strips in the fret positions makes navigating the fingerboard easy and the
          cutaway provides access to higher register positions. with gigbag......$500 list.............$389






  *000-45, early 1938, top of the line, finely restored by Dave Lautner, 2 repaired
               (almost invisible) top cracks, perfect reset, formerly owned by radio, TV, 
               and movie sidekick Smiley Burnette,  forward bracing like a '37,   1 3/4" at nut 
               pearl trimmed borders, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Adirondack top, 
               vgc+,  ohsc.....$115,000

 *MARTIN D-45 Custom Shop, NEW, nice Adirondack top, Premium Madagascar
      back and sides, Hide Glue construction,  Madagascar peghead overlay, Grained ivroid 
       binding, $12,685 list....$9500
  *MARTIN D-42 Custom, 2013, New, Ambertone '33 Sunburst, 
         Adirondack spruce top, forward braced, $6777 list,  ohsc..........on order
    *MARTIN M-36, New.......0000 size it has the volume of a dreadnought
       and the comfort of a 000, 3 piece rosewood back, 
      one of our favorite Martin models..$2499...currently out of stock

 *MARTIN D-35, 1969, Brazilian rosewood back & sides, some well repaired cracks,
         perfect action, beautiful Brazilian, vgc++, hsc...........$3950

  *MARTIN D-28, 1951, 1 top crack repaired, refretted, hole in pickguard repaired
         huge voice, vgc, hsc.................$7900

 *MARTIN D-28, 1958, 2 repaired top cracks, otherwise it looks 
                 almost new, beautiful brick red Brazilian rosewood, yellowed top, and 
                 wide open crisp tone  hsc....$8200

  *MARTIN D-28 Authentic 1937 , New, Madagascar Rosewood back
         and sides,  Adirondack Spruce top, Hide glue used throughout, non-adjustable
        T-Bar neck,  1 3/4" at nut, $8499 list..............$6699

  *MARTIN HD-28, New, dreadnought, rosewood back & sides, herringbone trim,
       scalloped bracing, list price is $3799, map...... $2849
  *MARTIN HD-28VS, New, Vintage series- a 12 fret dreadnought that's got a huge sound
         coming out of it- no need for amplification!........................$4649 list...Minimum Advertised $3499
   *HD-28V, new,  best '30s effort by Martin, all the good features
       like slotted-thru bridge, forward X bracing, diamonds & squares inlay
       pattern, squared peghead, ($4599 list), deluxe Geib price..$3499 
    *D-28, New, the classic dreadnought, $3299 list............$2499 min. adv price.
  *MARTIN 000-28EC, 2014, New, Clapton model 000-28,
         herringbone trim, scalloped bracing, tinted top finish, beautiful
         Indian Rosewood back & sides, 1 3/4" at nut,  ohsc....... $4799 list....$3649

 *MARTIN 000-28, 2013, Standard 000-28 with 1 11/16" nut,
        in like new condition that sounds wide open- a very good one!, mint,  ohsc .$1800
  *MARTIN 000-28VS, New, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce top,
         12 fret neck, "long" body, 1 13/16" at nut, ebony bridge 2 5/16" string
         spacing, list price is $4699, deluxe hsc............................$3549

 *MARTIN 0-28, 1928, perfect set up by TJ Thompson, who did the neck re-set, 
          installed new bar frets and made a perfect repro bridge for it, some pick wear,
           no cracks, exc-, hsc............$16,000 

  *MARTIN 0-28K,  1929, Koa top & back & sides, 
               herringbone trim, new bar frets and compensated bridge, fresh good neck set, 
               finish shows wear,  vgc, ohsc....$4900

 *MARTIN 0-28T, 1931, Tenor guitar with Shaded spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood 
          back & sides, ebony board with snowflake inlays, banjo tuners, herringbone trim,
          no top or back cracks, one small side crack, original, vgc+, ohsc....$7950

 *MARTIN 000-21, 1905,  the 5th 000 ever built, marked "H Spahr JC" on back
         of pegehead signifying it was made at the request of Henry Spahr who had
        a string orchestra in Jersy City NJ, about 20 minutes from here, the guitar
        is in excellent condition with no cracks or finish touch-ups, it's come
        to us from the original family, it plays and sounds amazing with
        silk & steel strings, not and antique but a living breathing
        great sounding and playing guitar, THIS IS PERHAPS THE EARLIEST INTACT
        Martin 000 extant, exc,

  *MARTIN 000-21, 1944, "Pre-war" 000-21 with Scalloped braces, 
            Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, ebony bridge and fingerboard, ebony truss rod, 
           herringbone rosette and backstrip,  beautiful finish, no cracks! exc, hsc...$14,500
  *MARTIN 000-21, 1947, Brazilian rosewood back & sides, vgc, hsc
              was $6950, owner wants it reduced......$5950...reduced $5500

  *MARTIN 1-21, ca 1880, many repaired cracks,
        original carved genuine ivory tuning pegs,original coffin case, ....on hold

  *MARTIN D-18, 1960, nice aged top,  Grovers replace original tuners, slight repaired 
          crack next to center seam, all original inside, vgc+, hsc.....$3650

  *MARTIN D-18, 1966, this is one clean D-18 in spectacularly beautiful
         condition with original small maple bridge plate, tortoise guard and original 
         green lined case, exc++, ohsc.............................................$4750

  *MARTIN D-18, 1967, tortoise guard, small maple bridge plate,
         no cracks, fine action, had Grovers, now has replacement butterbean
           tuners, vgc++, ohsc.......$3750

 *MARTIN D-18 Golden Era, 2010, based on a '30s D-18 with an 
            Adirondack Spruce top and forward scalloped braces, the classic Mahogany 
            Dreadnought, loud and punchy  , exc, ohsc...$2350

      *MARTIN D-18, 2014, Newest Version, ebony board and bridge, scalloped braces, 
        butterbean tuners, beveled tortoise-like pickguard, drop-in saddle, $2999 list....$2249

 *MARTIN 000-18, NEW, current upgraded version of the classic 14 fret 
         000-18 with scalloped bracing, ebony bridge and board, list price $2899, sell.........$2199

  *MARTIN 000-18, 1923, branded  Wurlitzer, 12 fret slotted peghead neck, new pickguard,
           oversprayed, pyramid bridge, new tuners, original bar frets, vgc+, hsc.......$7900

  *MARTIN 00-18, 1943, ebony bridge, rosewood board, small 'pickguard' crack,
        one small back crack, Adirondack top, mahogany back and sides,
        scalloped braces, vgc, hsc............$4950
  *MARTIN 00-18, 1966, tortoise guard, a few well repaired cracks,
           vgc, hsc...$2850

 *MARTIN 0-18, 1929, a Martin from the Golden Era- a 1929 12 fret, mahogany back 
                     & sides, spruce top, with a new bridge and tuners, fine action
                      and great tone, vgc+ , hsc....$4750

 *MARTIN 0-16NY, 1964, 12 fret slotted peghead, spruce top, mahogany
         back and sides, straight across bridge, sweet sounding lovely guitar, vgc, ohsc..........$2500

  *MARTIN D-12-20, 1972, 12 Fret slope shouldered 12-string, 
          slotted peghead, all original, decent action, quite clean too! , exc, hsc.......$1350
  *MARTIN 2 1/2-17, ca 1875, spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, 
         fan braced, ice-cream cone heal, small top crack otherwise in extra fine condition, non-original
          period coffin case...   SOLD  
  *MARTIN 000C Nylon, New, cutaway classical guitar, solid spruce top, solid Sapele
             back & sides,  26.44" scale, 1 7/8" at nut, Fishman F1 Analog 3 button pickup, 
             $2099 List price, map.........$1599
  *MARTIN OMCPA-1Plus, New, The OMCPA1 Plus acoustic-electric cutaway model 
            is Martin's orchestra (000) body size, solid East Indian rosewood back 
            & sides, Sitka spruce top, state-of-the art electronics- the Fishman F1+,
          striking aesthetic features, player comfort and an exceptionally sweet tone,
          25.4" scale, 1 3/4" at nut, $3995 list,  ohsc....$2999..................out

 *MARTIN 000-RS1, New, all solid wood- Sapele- a lot like Mahogany, 
            Fishman Sonitone sound reinforcement system, featuring rotary controls 
          for volume and tone, $999 list, with hard case............$749 

 *MARTIN 000RSGT, New, 14 fret 000 with soliud Spruce gloss top, Solid Sapele back
       and sides with satin finish, 1 11/16" at nut,  Fishman Sonitone Electronic USB,
       $1299 list with hard shell case..................$999

    *MARTIN LX1E, New, little Martin with solid spruce top and mahogany high-pressure 
         laminate (HPL) back and sides,  Fishman lsys T pickup with tuner,
         gigbag, $519 list...$399

        *MARTIN Ukulele, style 0, ca 1933, vgc...........$500
  *MARTIN Tenor Ukulele, ca 1950s, all mahogany, tortoise binding,
                exc+  ossc.........$1750

 *MARTIN Felix The Cat, limited edition, near mint, gigbag..........$550

    *SCHMIDT & MAUL, 1845, size 2 1/2,   Brazilian rosewood,  X braced, herringbone trim,
            all original, 2 short top cracks, the big question is who inluenced who- both Martin and
             Schmidt & Maul  were German guitar builders contemporaneously and the design of this
             guitar is very similar to a Martin, Jerome tuners,  original coffin case....................$7900

   Old C-3, not for sale  





 *GIBSON L-00, c 1937, sunburst, fire stripe pick guard, center seam reglued,
           vgc++, hsc.............$3900

 *GIBSON L-1 "ROBERT JOHNSON" Re-issue, 2010, sunburst spruce top,
         mahogany back & sides, pearl Gibson logo and Robert Johnson signature
          in pearl, added pickguard, 14" lower bout, 24.9" scale, 1 11/16" at nut,
          Fishman pickup, exc+, ohsc.......$1695

  *GIBSON J-55, 1940,  Sunburst, tuners have been replaced with '60s Klusons,   
          bat wing bridge, firestripe  pickguard, 2 tone bars, very rare, vgc, hsc......$11,500
   *GIBSON SJ-200, 1950, Factory(?) refinish i sunburst, newer Gibson guard, refretted,
          exact copy brdge and plate,  great sounding j-200, exc-, ohsc...$5500

  *GIBSON SJ-200, 1951, sunburst, small repaired back crack, oversprayed lacquer 
        on back of
        neck and possibly on back, top is beautiful and crack free except for a very small 
        crack next to the fingerboard extension/pickguard/soundhole (typical Gibson)
       refretted with vintage size frets, overall exc, original brown case, consigned.............$9650

 *GIBSON SJ-200, 1953, sunburst, a few short repaired back cracks, 1 repaired top 
        crack, fine action with high saddle, brown case, vgc+.......$9500

  *GIBSON J-160E, 1956, sunburst, early bridge model, all original, flaking but
        stable finish on back, vgc+, hsc...........$4500

 *GIBSON SJ Southerner Jumbo, 1964, sunburst, all original, 1 11/16" at nut, ceramic 
           adjustable saddle,  crack and repair free, w/ original catalog and case, exc++...$5750
  *GIBSON LG-1,  1956, sunburst, ladder braced, straight across bridge, vgc+, hsc..$1695

    *GIBSON LG-1, c 1965, sunburst, plastic bridge, no pickguard, exc, ssc.....$1250
 *EPIPHONE Frontier, FT-110, 1963, sunburst dreadnought, ceramic saddle  adj.
         bridge, lariat & cactus pickguard, figured maple back & sides, exc, ohsc...$4750

 *EPIPHONE Texan, 1962, early small peghead, new Belly Up/Down bridge
          finally answering the age old question of which Gibson bridge style is better,
          superb tone and playability, exc-, hsc..........$2750
  *EPIPHONE Texan FT-79N, c 1968, all original with Fishman Rare earth soundhole
            pickup, spruce top, mahogany back & sides, original black pick guard screws into 
             top, ceramic saddle in adjustable bridge, vgc+, hsc........$2750
   *GIBSON TG-00, ca  1935, Tenor guitar, black, 14 1/2" wide lower bout, 
               white pickguard, vgc+, hsc....$1250
  *GIBSON Tenor Ukulele, TU-1, ca 1949,  all solid mahogany,
        16 7/8" scale, 9" lower bout, exc......$1250



                                                 STEEL STRING Acoustics
  *ALHAMBRA LAUD 6P, recent, hi-strung 12 string Spanish Lute also called Laud,
            a unique instrument handcrafted in Spain with the best materials, solid
            German spruce top, Indian rosewood back &  sides with ebony fingerboard,
            as played by Steve Howe and Javier Mas the magnificent instrumentalist 
            with Leonard Cohen, $1325 new, this one near mint............$795
  *Baden Style A Acoustic, recent, cutaway, rosewood back and sides, spruce top, 
           internal pickup, exc, ohsc.....$850

  *BATSON "Road Trip", 2011,  Custom Shop Cocobolo Auditorium Model
              with quarter bevel on top edge, Caucasian spruce top, beautifully quartered      
               cocobolo back and sides with sapwood; tiger myrtle binding and bevel, ebony 
              headstock veneer, 25.5” scale , LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup, and Hiscox Lite Flite
               case signed by all of the Road Trip participants, exc.....

 *BATSON #5 Exception, recent, flat top with Sinker Cedar top, incredibly figured
        Waterfall Bubinga back and sides, side sound hole, ebony bridge and tailpiece,
         exc, ohsc.............$3500

  *COLLINGS C-10, 1994, natural, spruce top, mahogany back & sides, 
          14 3/4" across lower bout, 25 1/2"" scale, 1 3/4" at the bone nut  exc+, ohsc....$2850

   *COLLINGS SJ, sunburst, jumbo body, spruce top with reglued
         center seam, curly maple back, sides and neck, ebony board with
        pearl inlays, K&K intermal pickup, 1 3/4" at nut, 25.4" scale, exc, hsc........$3200

 *DE JONGE Acoustic Flat top, 2006, concert size with Snakewood back & sides, 
             spruce top...$7500

  *MICHAEL DUNN, 2003, Gypsy Guitar, cutaway, large "D" soundhole, cedar top,
           ebony board and tailpiece, looks like bird'seye maple back, macassar 
            ebony center strip and sides, reflective scoop inside sound hole, 
            vgc+, hsc.........$2900

     *EASTMAN E-20D, New, Adirondack Spruce top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, 
             herringbone trim,  hard case $1400 list.....................$1120

  *EASTMAN E08-D, New, Dreadnought, all solid woods- sitka spruce top, Indian
          rosewood back & sides,($1250 list)  Schertler Lydia pickup  (+$409 list) with 
          soundhole controls, herringbone trim, hardshell case......$999

   *EASTMAN E8D, NEW, Dreadnought with rosewood back & sides, Spruce top,
       herringbone trim, Schertler Lydia EQ system pickup, ohsc...........$999

 *EASTMAN AC-312, NEW, Solid Sitka spruce top, solid Sapele back/sides,
            cutaway, ebony fretboard/bridge, bone nut/saddle, chrome hardware, ivoroid binding, 
                  and a high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, w/ ohsc, list $1195 sold

    *EASTMAN AC-222CE, NEW, Solid Sitka spruce top,  laminated rosewood back/sides,
            cutaway, rosewood fretboard/bridge,  w/ ohsc, list $825....$595

   *GIANNINI Craviola 12 string, New, Bossa Nova body with solid spruce top, Fishman
           pickup, gigbag..........$369

    *GITANE DG-250, used, small hole Django style guitar, import, solid
         peghead, vgc, foam hard case......$595

 *CARLO GRECO Custom, 1996, Left handed jumbo cutaway flat top, Spruce top,
             Rosewood back and sides, Fishman pickup, bound ebony board with 
             classic Guild pearl block with abalone triangle inlays, 4 3/4" deep, 25 1/2"
             scale, 17 1/4" wide, 1 10/16" at nut, handmade by Carlo
             for the original owner, exc, ohsc ...$3500

 *GUILD JF-30-12,  ca 2004, Blonde, maple back & sides, small
          crack from soundhole to fingerboard, low action, exc, ohsc....$800

 *GUILD F-30, 1965, spruce top, mahogany back & sides, plastic tortoise binding,
          fresh neck set and re-fret done here, lots of playing wear, vgc, hsc....$1950

  *HAMMER Dulcimer, 1800s, as is..................$40

  *HUSS & DALTON Crossroads, recent, sunburst, 1 3/4" nut, Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany
             back and sides, similar to an old Gibson L-00 in shape, exc+, tweed case...$2395

   *HUSS & DALTON T OM-M Custom, recent, sunburst, Adirondack spruce top, mahogany
         sides and back, 1 3/4" at nut, 25 1/2" scale, exc, ohsc.................$2650 
  *ISEMAN Weissenborn, New, high grade curly Big Island bookmatched Koa, 
               Grover tuners, Nu bone saddle and nut, herringbone rosette, ebony 
            fretboard and bridge, maple fret markers, rosewood binding, ohsc...........$2950 out of stock

  *KAY, ca 1960, 1/2 size acoustic, 14 fret, little guitar huge neck!, vgc........$175

  *KAY Flat top, c 1960, sunburst, 13" wide, 24.5" scale, a classic, vgc...........$150
  *KLEIN Acoustic, 2010, in collaboration w/ Steve
        Kaufman,  typical Klein body shape, mahogany back & sides, spruce top...$6000

  *KNUTSEN Harp Guitar, short scale....$2500

 *LaCote, France, 1829, beautifully intact parlor guitar with 
         ornate rosette and very fancy bridge, ebony friction pegs, original label,
           some back cracks otherwise excellent 
          condition, hsc.........$12,000

    *LARRIVEE D-40, New, Dreadnought, herringbone trim, satin finish,
          $1695 list price, hsc.............$1345

 *LARRIVEE OM-09, New, spruce top, rosewood back and sides, 
           $3201 list price, ohsc.........$2240

  *LARRIVEE L-09 KOA, Ca 2000, cutaway, spruce top, Koa back & sides, 
       maple binding, ebony board, silver purfled peghead, beautiful tone, exc, ohsc.....$1950
   *LARRIVEE Baritone BT-03, New, long body 12 fret dreadnought DEEP bari with solid
        spruce top, solid mahogany back & sides, ebony board and bridge, $2166 list
       price, with ohsc........$1695 temp out of stock
  *LARRIVEE P 01 ISS, New, Parlor guitar, Limited Edition of the guitar that went on
     the International Space Shuttle, spruce top, mahogany back & sides, lists
           for $1495 with hard shell case...........$1099

 *LARSON Bros. Maurer "NTW"  built for Nathalie Whiting. c 1933, 00 size
          with spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, pictured in the Larson Brothers
         book, exc, ohsc........$11,500

 *LOWDEN F-23 FF, like new, jumbo cutaway with solid Cedar top, solid 
        figured walnut back & sides, fan frets allowing longer scale for the bass strings,
        amazing, $6100 list, as new,  ohsc......$5400

 *LUIS Feu De MESQUITA Jazz Royale II, 2011, made in Canada, spruce top,
        burled Walnut back and sides, cutaway, 15 3/4" wide, 26" scale, 
         1 7/8" nut, ebony, curly maple binding, side sound hole, ex.....$1895   
   *LYON & HEALY "Chase Guitar", ca 1920, probably by Lyon & Healy- many Washburn
         attributes, wide abalone rosette, thick triple band purfling with herringbone in the
        center, engraved pearl blocks on bridge wings, elaborate and exquisitely done tree-of-
        life abalone fingerboard inlay, 13 7/6" across lower bout, Brazilian rosewood back & sides,
        extra purfling on back and neck bindings,  set up with silk and steel strings and
        has medium-high action but still fun to play, "Chase" in pearl on peghead, label
         says "Chase Guitar No. 55GC",  exc+, hsc....................neck being re-set

 *MARVEL TONE, ca 1935, by Regal, 12 fret 00 size with Brazilian Rosewood back 
            and sides, ebony board with fine pearl markers, 24 3/4" scale, 1 7/8" at nut,
             pyramid broidge, X-braced, exc+, hsc.......$5500

 *MINI MATON Diesel Special, 2012, as played by Keith Urban,  Australian Blackwood 
            back & sides, 22 3/4" scale, 12 1/4" at lower bout, 1 11/16" at nut
            Spruce top, herringbone trim, AP5 pickup system, near mint,  w/case ..$1395

  *OLSON SJ Cutaway, 1991, Small jumbo, 15" wide, 3 3/4" deep near neck, 
          4 5/8: deep at endpin, Rosewood back and sides, Cedar top, Florentine cutaway,
           Abalone rosette, herringbone top purfling and backstrip, Ebony bridge & fretboard 
            with cut diamond inlays, LR Baggs pickup, gold  Schaller tuners with Ebony buttons, 
             tortoise plastic binding, 1 3/4" at nut, 25.4"" scale, some wear on top, wonderful 
             tone, original tweed case  exc-...........sold
        * Potomac Acoustic, New, - the best value in an intermediate guitar- 
             000 size with solid spruce top, aminated mahogany back and sides, 
            fine finish, rosewood fingerboard,  ivoroid binding,
            scalloped X-bracing,  bone nut and bone saddle..$229
   *RAINSONG  BI-WS1000N2 6-string full body cutaway acoustic electric featuring N2 neck, 
               New, crazy quilt graphite top, The Black Ice Series embodies Artistry.  Each instrument is unique. 
               The soundboard on each guitar is meticulously crafted to achieve an aesthetically pleasing
                appearance without overbuilding it. Each soundboard is individually conceived so every
                guitar is unique. Unique in design and unique in tone.
           The WS is a wonderfully versatile guitar. Combining the best qualities of large and small bodied 
                 guitars, this body shape is ideally suited for a variety of musical situations. A large, deep 
                 chamber gives the WS strong projection and rich bass. 

            The N2 neck is a result of an extensive, long-term collaboration with the renowned artist 
                  Steve Miller  and Master Luthier John Bolin ( The neck design is based
                  on a modified "U" profile that has been popular in guitars since the 1950s. While the N2 has 
                  a more substantial feel than the original RainSong 6-string neck, it is ergonomically sound
                  and actually results in better transfer of string vibration energy to the soundboard. The N2
                  features a truss rod that is accessible from the head stock. Graphite does not warp or bow
                  with changes in humidity and temperature. The purpose of a truss rod in the N2 is to allow 
        customization of the relief to suit individual preferences. Fishman Prefix Plus-Tlist $3295 ohsc....$2295sold
       *RECORDING KING RD-227, New, Dreadnought, all solid woods, pearl trimmed top, $795

 *RECORDING KING RD-327, New, Dreadnought, solid Adirondack Spruce top, solid rosewood 
           back & sides, Torch inlaid peghead, snowflake inlays in ebony board, pearl trimmed top
           and soundhole, with hard case, list $1399....................SOLD

    *RECORDING KING RD-126, New, Dreadnought, solid spruce top, solid Mahogany 
         back & sides, herringbone trim, list $739......................$519
   *REGAL Bassoguitar, '30s, sunburst, it's big...$4500

 *SANTA CRUZ OM,  Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, Adirondack
         spruce top, exc+, ohsc...........$5900

  *SANTA CRUZ D, 2003,  Rosewood back and sides, spruce top, 
      25.4" scale, 1 11/16" at nut, pickup with volume wheel mounted under 
       sound hole,  exc, ohsc.....$2650
  *SAZ, Made in Istanbul we're told, beautiful workmanship and condition,
            near mint..........$475
      *SCHMIDT & MAUL, 1845, size 2 1/2,   Brazilian rosewood,  X braced, herringbone trim,
            all original, 2 short top cracks, the big question is who inluenced who- both Martin and
             Schmidt & Maul  were German guitar builders contemporaneously and the design of this
             guitar is very similar to a Martin, Jerome tuners,  original coffin case....................$8500

  *SMOOTH TALKER Custom-  SCC2, New, South Africa, by 
              Mervyn Davis,  LOOKS DIFFERENT SOUNDS DIFFERENT,Two in stock. 
             Try one today, here. We like'em, 2 in stock, with pickup, hsc....$4200 list.....$3395
  *STELLA 12 String, a '30s 6-string Stella converted to 12 strings, 26 1/2" scale, 
               goodnight Irene!..............$2500

  *Stewart & Bauer, ca 1912, High Grade Brazilian Rosewood model with
        14" across, 25" scale, ladder braced, High Grade Brazilian Rosewood model 
         with exquisite classic Washburn vine inlay with delicate abalone Flower & Leaf/ Urn 
          in fretboard .........$4500
  *STROH 1-String...............$750 

  *TAYLOR GS-8, recent, exc, ohsc...............$1650
  *WEISSENBORN 4+ by GoldTone, New, solid Koa, rope binding, ohsc..out of stock 

 *WEISSENBORN SM, New, solid mahogany, Gloss finish, rope binding...out

                                                        CLASSICAL GUITARS

  *CORDOBA Classical,  Custom Artist, recent, hand made in Spain, solid
         Spruce top, solid Indian Rosewood back & sides, 25 1/2" scale, exc+, hsc..$1000

 *JOHN PRICE Classical Guitar, 2001, Australia, Cedar topo, Brazilian Rosewood
         back and sides, arched back, lattice braced top, exceptional sound, 
         $10,500 new, vgc, hsc.....$4900

  *MIKHAIL ROBERT Classical Guitar, ca 1998, Spruce top, Indian rosewood 
          back & sides, hand made, exceptional guitar, exc, ohsc......$4500

        *CONTRERAS Classical Guitar, 1972, Brazilian sides, Rosewood back.........$2750

  *Ernest Koroskenyi 13/63 Classical, 1964, Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides,
        with a floating fingerboard, 650 mm scale:  25 1/2", 2" at nut, exc.......$4000
    *EXPOSITION Violin, '20s perhaps, w/ case....$350

 *GUITARRA Portuguese, recent, Lisbon style, curved ebony board, exc, gigbag...$400

                                                         SOME UKULELES
   *MAHALO "Les Paul Ukes", various colors, cutaway..............$69, w/ pickup... $89 
     *LEHO Ukes, several models...........



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 *FENDER '62 STRAT Re-Issue, Lefty, sunburst, USA, tweed case, exc....$1195
  *GIBSON Les Paul Deluxe, 1979, LEFTY,  cherry sunburst, 
         flamed 2 piece center seamed top, 2 mini humbuckers with cream surrounds,
        10.1 lbs, ohsc, exc.....$3395

   *LARRIVEE D-05 Cutaway, Lefty, NEW.....................................$1595  
  *FENDER Standard Mexican Tele, Lefty, recent, dark red, maple board, 
           exc, gigbag...$395


                   CLICK on ICON to the left of Listing for a PICTURE

 *GOLDTONE Weissenborn LM, New, all laminated mahogany, 
             rope binding, quite beautiful and sound great! list price $769, 
              no case, our price............$579

 *ISEMAN Weissenborn, Style 1, New, hand made in Hawaii, highly figured
          Big Island bookmatched Koa, Grover tuners, Nu bone saddle and nut,  ebony 
          fretboard and bridge, maple fret markers,  hsc.....$1850

 *NATIONAL Aragon, c 1939, sunburst,  National's Loudest & Rarest wood body 
         Resonator guitar, parabolic wood resonator cover,  art-deco styling, all original
         except for the pick guard, exc, ohsc , exc..............$12,500
  *DOBRO, '80s wood bodied square neck by OMI, natural walnut, exc, ssc....$995
  *NATIONAL Resorocket, NEW, 2012, Steel body, Aged Nickel Silver finish, single cone,
             cutaway, $3400 list, with case......$2890

  *NATIONAL Resolectric Acoustic Prototype, NEW, burst, 2 pickups,
     slim hollow resonator guitar, ohsc....... sold, more on order
   *NATIONAL Style O Lightning Bolt, NEW, Style O recreates the look and feel of 
                the original 1930's single resonator guitars.  This brass bodied instrument is polished
                 to a mirror-like shine, nickel plated, and finally etched with the distinctive 
                 Lightning Bolt.  The maple neck is finished in a traditional sunburst.  An ivoroid
                 bound ebony fretboard and vintage-style engraved tuners complete the look
                 of this timeless classic.  $3400 List, deluxe hsc.............$2890

  *NATIONAL Resophonic Lap Steel, '50s, pink pearloid!, resonator, exc, ossc....$1250
 *NATIONAL RM-1 resonator Mandolin, New, curly maple top,
         walnut back and sides,  A-style body, bound dot neck,  radiused ingerboard, 1.25" at nut, 
       14" scale, art deco peghead, deluxe  tuners, art deco tailpiece, 9-1/2" spun cone with
           biscuit bridge &  intonated saddle,  aged brass slot-pattern coverplate, 
           loud loud music,  deluxe hsc.. ..$2500 list...$2125..sold

 *OTWIN 8-Stringed Lap Steel, maple body and neck, 1 pickup,  
                made in Germany .......$500

  *WEISSENBORN SM, New, solid mahogany, Gloss finish, rope binding....$750
  *ISEMAN Koa Weissenborn, NEW,  handcrafted in Hawaii, square neck,  Native Island 
           curly Koa,   Rosewood binding, Ebony fretboard with curly Koa position 
               markers and maple fretmarkers, Herringbone rosette and
               Nu-bone saddle for optimal sound and tone, very light-weight and 
              tonally alive and responsive,  more on order 

                                               STEEL GUITARS    
 *RICKENBACKER Electro, '50s, black, silver plates, 7-String
  *GIBSON BR-9 Lap Steel, c 1955, beige, 6-strings, old square hsc...$495



        CLICK on ICON to the left of Listing for a PICTURE

  *GIBSON F-5 Master Model Mandolin, #001 Distressed Prototype, exc, hsc..$15,900

 *GIBSON F-5 Loar Copy, recent, Cremona sunburst, exc, hsc...$3500

  *FLATIRON F-5 Artist, 1992, sunburst, top line F-5, signed by Weber, exc, ohsc..$3900

  *GIBSON F-2 Mandolin, c 1915, black face, Handel inlaid tuners, 1 repaired crack
        from 10:00 on the rosette going north to shoulder, 2 small repaired back cracks, all
        else good, fine player, vgc, original hard shell case.......$3350 

 *GIBSON F-2 Mandolin, 1925, reddish sunburst, exceptionally fine museum
           quality condition- all original and beautiful with slanted logo, exc++, ohsc..$5900

    *GIBSON A-4, ca 1917, reddish sunburst, really nice shape and resonant too, 
            fleur-de-lis peghead inlay, all original parts except missing pickguard, 
            all seams nice and tight! vgc+, ohsc......$2350
  *GIBSON H-1 Mandola, 1924, sunburst, missing pickguard, all seams good,
          nice arch in top, ohsc, vgc...........$2450

  *GIBSON K-1 Mandocello, c 1917, natural pumpkin top, all original,
        bridge shimmed up a bit, all seams are tight and smooth, beautiful, exc, ohsc.........$4000

 *MANDO BASS, by Max Adler, European ca 1925, fretted, flat 
        spruce top, maple back and sides, vgc, gigbag.......$3750

 *MARTIN 2-15, 1955, sunburst, ƒholes, pear shaped body with
        carved spruce top, curly maple back, sides & neck, ebony finger-
       board, all original, exc-, hsc.............$1250
  *DITSON Style A Mandolin, (made by Martin) ca 1925, mahogany back & sides,
        spruce top, all original, ohsc...............$895

  *DITSON MANDOLA, ca 1920, bowlback, label says "Stringed 
         Instrument Studios, Oliver Ditson & Co. Boston , Phila, NY"
         alternating mahogany and rosewood staves, one top crack
         along pickguard, otherwise excellent,.........................$795

 *GOLD TONE GM6, recent, 6-string Mandolin, exc...........$225

 *GOLD TONE GM-110, recent, sunburst, Rigel inspired acoustic electric
         mandolin, exc, ohsc............$550

     *EASTMAN MD605 Mandolin, New, shaded top, A-style with ƒ-holes, built in pickup,
           wide open and loud, $1000 list, ohsc.....sold
      *BIG Muddy Mandolin, New, Maple back & sides, spruce top, made in Missouri, 
          wider neck, all solid wood.......$629
  *5 String Electric Mandolin by Steve Carr, sunburst, curly maple top,
           top and back bound, Steve worked for Fender and built guitars for Kiss, vgc+, gigbag....$1000
  *LOAR LM-400-VS Mandolin, New, vintage sunburst, A-style, carved spruce top, 
        flamed maple back & sides, $665 list......................$539

    *LOAR LM-220-VS Mandolin, New, vintage sunburst, A-style, carved spruce top, 
            $449 list................$375

 *LOAR LM-520-VS Mandolin, New, vintage sunburst, F-style, carved spruce top,  
           $599 list..................$479

  *MAYFLOWER Mandolin, ca 1910, ornate model by Flower and Groeshl of
        Chicago, Brazilian rosewood back, pearl trimmed top, pearl
        inlaid pickguard, fine action, exc.............$1750
    *ANTONIO GRAUSO, Mandolin, ca 1900,  Naples/New York, extremely ornate bowlback
         mandolin profusely inlaid with pearl, exc, hsc..........$2500
  *NATIONAL RM-1 resonator Mandolin, New, curly maple body,
         A-style body, bound dot neck,  radiused ingerboard, 1.25" at nut, 14" scale, art deco
         peghead, deluxe  tuners, art deco tailpiece, 9-1/2" spun cone with biscuit bridge & 
         intonated saddle,  aged brass slot-pattern coverplate, loud loud loud, deluxe hsc.--coming soon

  *VEGA, Lansing Special roundback, pearl inlaid pickguard, rosewood bowl, exc....$995

   *RAMELECTRO, Electric MandoCello, new, white, handmade by Dom Ramos
   top strings unison, bass strings octaved, 2 lipstick pu, gigbag........sold out, taking orders

  *RAMELECTRO Electric Mandola, magenta, new, one lipstick tube pickup, ssc..$995

 *DILLION Electric Mandolin, New, Black in stock, 1 pu, take a look!, gigbag.....$369
    *TRINITY COLLEGE Mandola, new, hsc................................$695


  *KAMAKA Pineapple Ukulele, 1 top crack, 1 back crack, vgc...$850

  *COLUMBIA Soprano Ukulele, '30s?, solid mahogany, made in Chicago, exc....$195
  *GIBSON Tenor Ukulele, TU-1, ca 1949,  all solid mahogany,
        16 7/8" scale, 9" lower bout, exc......$1250
  *VEGA "Arthur Godfrey" Baritone Ukulele, '50s, all mahogany,
           all original, ossc, vgc+........$395
      *LEHO 6-String Tenor Ukulele, New,  1st and 3rd strings doubled,
          17" scale, 3 1/8" deep, spalted maple  back and sides,
          cedar top, w/ gigbag, $510 list.............$419

    *LEHO Thin Uke, New






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                                                     5-STRING BANJOS
  *A. C. Fairbanks / Vega  Whyte Laydie #2, 5-string banjo, 1916, star in peghead
          and 5th fret, 27"x 11 1/8', excellent condition, old hsc........$3250
  *BACON ƒƒ Professional 5-String Banjo, '20s, made in Hartford,
          27 1/4" x 11", internal wood resonator, exc, newer hsc..........$1750

  *COLE'S Eclipse Professional 5-String banjo, 1912, 27" x 11", 
            all original, exc,  newer 'bump' hsc...$1850

 *GIBSON TB-3 Mastertone 5-String converted from Tenor Banjo, 
         1929, 40 hole archtop,  Frank Neat neck, 2-piece flange, vgc++, ohsc...... $5500

  *GIBSON RB-175, ca 1965, long neck open back 5-string banjo, 
          all original, ohsc, exc....$1250

   *GOLDTONE MC-150RP, New, 5-string banjo, maple resonator
         which you can remove and play open back without any brackets jagging at yr tummy,
           list price $949............$719

    *GOLDTONE Cripple Creek Tenor,  New, with maple Resonator, maple neck and rim, 
            rolled brass tone ring, guitar style tuners,  gloss finish, nocase, lists for $739.....$559

 *GOLDTONE Cello Banjo, CEB-5, New, 5-string cello banjo 14" pot, tuned an octave 
           lower with high tension nylon strings as played by Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, Abigail
           Washburn, Ricky Skaggs etc, with Planet tuners, deluxe hard case.....$1629 list......$1225

 *JEDSON 5-String Banjo, ca 1920, England, actually has 6 tuners for those who might
          want to double the bass string, 5th string tunnels thru, gold hardware, 
           all original, ebony board with fancy inlays, exc, ossc..........$495

 *NECHVILLE NEXTAR 5-string Banjo, slanted in-line peghead, 
       AAA Premium Tiger Stripe Maple Neck and Resonator, amber Sunburst, 
       Durable Black Eclipse Heli-Mount Frame, slightly wider neck profile
       select Ebony fingerboard with compound 7-12" Radius, Cascade Pearl 
      and Abalone inlay, 20 Hole Bell Bronze Tone Ring, Nechville's Exclusive Cyclotronic
       Rolling Rim Pot System, 3 Ply Maple Rim,  ohsc, $4850 list.....$4365

                                        ---------   TENOR & PLECTRUM BANJOS --------- 

   *BACON & DAY Ne Plus Ultra Plectrum Banjo, 1940s, by Gretsch, ebonized neck with 
          carved lion heel, gold engraved hardware, Oettinger tailpiece, soft pedal mute,
          plated and engraved block plastic fingerboard inlays, rhinestones in peghead,
          pick holder, exc, ohsc..................$3900

  *B&D SILVERBELL MONTANA #1 Tenor Banjo, ca 1930, ƒ cutouts in flange, ivroid
         peghead and fingerboard with colored engraved decorations, soft-mute
        in case, exc, hsc..............$2000
 *BACON KINGSTON Tenor Banjo, 1934,  19 fret Tenor with resonator and tone
            ring, all original, vgc+, chipboard case...............$350

  *VEGA VOX IV Plectrum, late '60s, colorful, gold engraved hardware, 
           pearl buttoned tuners, engraved pearl inlays in ebony board, exc, ohsc..............$4200
  *VEGA PROFESSIONAL ARTIST Tenor Banjo, 1931,  fancily inlaid 19 fret neck, gold plated,
         Tuba-Phone tone ring, resonator, 4 piece flange, some tarnishing on the metal plating,
          Mother of Pearl gold plated tuners, exc-, ohsc...............$1895
  *MAYBELL Banjo Uke, '20s, maple, exc, ossc........$350
  *GIBSON TB-1 Tenor Banjo, '20s, trap-door resonator, 19 frets,
            10 1/2" head, "The Gibson" on peghead,  exc, ohsc....$995
   *GOLDTONE CC-100R Tenor Banjo, New, Cripple Creek model, 
              19 fret tenor banjo with maple resonator, $679 list.... $519

                                 ---------  6-String BANJOS -----------

 *GIBSON GB-250 Mastertone 6-String Banjo, '60s?, with L-5 Neck,
         6 finger Oettinger style tailpiece, sunburst, 3 thumb screws, nickel hardware,
         1 co-ordinator rod, arched top tone-ring, old peghead fracture so back of 
         neck refinished- pro job, vgc+, ohsc...$3750

  *GOLD TONE 6-string Banjo, BT-2000, with pickup, NEW, 12" maple pot,
          hsc, $1229 list......$929

                                                         MANDOLIN BANJO
    * Banjo-Uke, '20s, USA, nice folk art drawing on head.......................$200

   *GOLDTONE BUS, Banjo Ukulele, New, soprano banjo uke with hard case, lists at $509.......$382



     RESERVE YOURS NOW- We are the Dealer in the NYC area
                                   for the revived MAGNATONE amps! - See more at:   



  *ALLESANDRO English Head, used, natural ash hand rubbed cabinet, exc,

 *ALTEC Home Voice of the Theater Cabinets, a pair of top of the line Speakers,
          all original with 12" 803B Altec Speaker, original Horn with crossover and hi pass 
          attenuator, 30"W x 24"D x 43"H, classic theater speakers and Studio playback 
           system known for their high efficiency drivers, this set having the rare 
           mahogany veneer finish, all in fine original working order ...................$4900

     *AER Compact 60/2, New, 1-8" speaker, 2 channels, premiere Acoustic guitar amplifier,
        made in Germany, carrying bag, $1299 list................$1099, out of stock

  *AMPEG Amplifier, ca 1951, custom made, brown tolex, rare one of a kind
           amp, all original except handle, played with Tony Mattola, small and loud & clear  exc 

 *AMPEG 835 Bass Amplifier , 1959, Combo, 15" speaker, Splatter grill,
          new handle, missing back panel, some ripped side tolex, gc...$795
 *AMPEG B-115, Bass Amp, Combo, 1-15" speaker in enclosed cab, exc....$200 
   *AMPEG GS-12 Rocket 2 Combo amp, 1965, blue square tolex, tremelo,  
         original 12" CTS speaker, excellent plus condition.....$600

   *BADCAT Trem Cat 30 Combo Amp, recent, 1-12" custom Badcat speaker, 
          silver sparkle finish, 2 channels, Tremelo, Reverb, 1/2 power switch,
            4 small 'foot' prints on top ledge from another's amps feet standing on it 
          otherwise near mint condition w/ Manual..................$1500

  *BOGNER DUENDE HEAD, new, 18 watts............$1995 

  *BOGNER UBERSCHALL, New, 100 watt head...................$2389
  *BOGNER 4-12  Slant Cabinet, New............................$1119
  *CAROL ANN OD-2R, 2009, Combo with 1-12" 80 watt Celestion, 2 channels,
         footswitch, exc......$1795

 *CLARK Champ Amp, ser. no. 0002, tweed, 8" Mojotone speaker, exc....$595

  *ECHOPLEX EP-3, solid state model, vgc+........$600
  *EPIPHONE E-85 Amp, '70s, solid state with tremelo, 12" speaker, exc+.....$125

 *EPIPHONE "Professional" EA-7P Amp, '60s, tube amp that comes
        with the EA-7P Professional Professional semi-hollow electric guitar
       the 2 as a set................$2500
 *FENDER Bassman Head, black panel 1964-65, "Fender Electric" logo,
            A165 circuit, exc....$1000

 *FENDER BASSMAN Piggyback Head and 2x12 Cab, 1966, Black panel,
          with tilt-back legs, exc............$1495
  *FENDER '59 Bassman Ltd. Re-issue, made in USA, Tweed cab,
         4 Blue Jensens, exc...$895

     *FENDER Blues Junior Amp, Tweed, exc......$475

  *FENDER PA 100 Head, all tube, 4 6L6s, 4 inputs,  like a Twin Reverb
          for 4 guitars at once, versatile, exc.......$395

 *FENDER Princeton Amplifier, 1959, Tweed, 
            Model 5F2 A, all original, near mint.........$2950
  *FENDER Tremolux, FE9, 1956, Tweed narrow panel, newer Fender speaker, vgc+....$2750

 *FENDER TWIN Reverb, 1967, black panel, new grill cloth, all original except for 
       2 new speakers, exc........$1495
  *GIBSON Les Paul Junior Amp, '50s, approx 8x4" oval speaker with 
       field coil, beige, brown grill cloth, exc..........$550
  *GIBSON Skylark Amp, ca 1970, tubes, 1-10" speaker, vgc....$150

  *HEADSTRONG LITTLE KING, New, Princeton Reverb style with 1-12"
          speaker, an authentic sounding one at last! ...........SOLD

    * HEADSTRONG Lil' KING, used, cream w/ dark grill, Princeton Reverb style with 1-10"
          speaker,  .........$1250
  *JAZZKAT Tomkat Combo Amplifier, New, best acoustic amp, 12 AX7 in the 
        pre-amp section, 200 CLEAN watts, endorsed by the Pizzarellis! $1495 list  ....$1199  
  *MAGNATONE Twilighter Stereo, NEW, Vintage brown leatherette covering,
       2x12" Combo, 2- 22 watt amplifiers,  4- 6V6 power tubes, Stereo Vibrato 
        with selector, Tremelo, Reverb......$2995

 *MAGNATONE Twilighter, Mono, NEW  1x12" Combo, Vintage brown 
                leatherette covering, Magnatone Pitch-shifting vibrato for true Dimensional Sound,
                  just like the original varistor based Model 280, 22 watt push-pull class AB, 
                   2- 6V6 power tubes, Stereo Vibrato with selector & Tremelo, tube driven long 
                  pan spring Reverb, 1-12" Magnatone 75 watt speaker .....$2295  sold

  *MAGNATONE Varsity Amp, New,  12" Combo, 15 watts,
            top mount controls, 2 EL-84 power tubes..........$1699

 *MAGNATONE Lyric Amp, New, 1x10" combo, 10 watts, 6L6 power tube,
               top mount controls, Cathedral front, burgandy faux Crocodile tolex....$1499..out of stock
  *MARSHALL 4x12 Slant cabinet, 1970, 4 original 25 watt
         12" Celestions with the desirable Pulsonic cones, metal handles, hole in 
         original grill, the classic Marshall cab, vgc..........$2250

 *MAVEN PEEL GANESHA 1/100 Head, ca '99, 100 watts with patented  Maven Peel 
         Sag Circuit, 2 channels, 4 EL-34 power tubes, one of the most useful and 
        dynamic amps we've ever had they never caught on because they are a little
       larger than most 100 watt heads, you can also bring this down to 1 watt,
       near mint with Manual..............$1295


 *ORANGE Dark Terror Head, new, 
             Menacingly small, easily recognizable, this aggressive little amp comes with a 
             mind-blowing sound which combines the Shape control of the Thunder series 
             with the weight and size of the monster Terror family.  The Dark Terror rises 
            from the depths to fulfill the every desire of the Heavy Metal and Rock guitar

       All Tube, 1.5mm Zintec chassis with vented steel top case, High gain tube preamp,
          Valve FX loop, Volume, Shape, Gain controls,   
        15 & 7 Watts,  2 xEL84, Preamp: 3 x Ecc83/12ax7, 
        FX Loop: 1 x Ecc81/12at7.   Speaker Output options  
        1 x 16 Ohm cabinet connected to the 16 Ohm output
        1 x 8 Ohm cabinet connected to one of the 8 Ohm outputs
         2 x 16 Ohm cabinets each connected to one of the 8 Ohm outputs
          H (in) 7.48      W (in) 11.93       D (in) 6.02, with gigbag...list pric$829......$649 

    *ORANGE Bass Terror Amp, small 500 Watt head, $1139 list, used.......$395

    *ORANGE Micro Terror Head, New, here now............$149

    *ORANGE BASS Tiny TERROR Head    – 500 watt compact bass amplifier, used....$450
  *ORANGE TH30 Head, New, Twin Channel head, 2 channel head with FX loop...$1199

 *ORANGE DUAL TERROR OS-DT30-H Head, New, 30/15/7 watt Class A Dual Channel Amp
     Head  with a 3 stage gain section, all tube,  padded gigbag, $1139 list, sell for $899  

  *ORANGE TINY TERROR Head, New!,  15 Watts 'Class A' / 7 Watts 'Class A'  
          2 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes  Power Tubes 2 x EL84 , with gigbag, list $769......sell for $599

    *ORANGE RK30TC, New,  ROCKER 30 watt Twin Channel Combo, made in UK, 1-12"  Celestion 
          Vintage 30 speaker....$1499  

   *ORANGE  RockerVerb 50 Mark II,  NEW, 50 watt  Channel switching head with Reverb, 
         made in UK, list $2969......$2149 
     *ORANGE 4-12 Cabinet,  in stock, 4 Celestions, new.... ..$1099 
 *ORANGE CRUSH Combo 15 Watts,  w/ Reverb....................$129 

        ORANGE CRUSH Combo 12L, .....$129 
  *PREMIER 76 Amplifier, '50s, 2 tone brown, 2 piece model, exc w/ tremelo.....$695

 *PREMIER "71"  Combo amp, '50s, 2-tone brown, 1-12" and 2 tweeters, tremelo,
         just tweaked to perfection, vgc.....$695

  *RICKENBACKER TB-75 Amp, '70s, 2-12" speakers, all original, 
           controls include "effects", "distortion", effects loop, great sounding amp.....$395
   *SCHERTLER David Acoustic Amp, used, one of the best acoustic guitar
                amplifiers made, rated 60 watts,  reverb doesn't work, exc........$750

   *SILVERTONE MODEL 1344A Amplifier,  c.1953,  maroon w/ silver stripe, 1-12" 
            combo, 2- 6L6 power tubes, original 12" Utah speaker Tremelo, 3 inputs, haven't ever 
              seen one of these.......................$795

 *STAGEMASTER Amp, England, all tube combo with 2 6L6s,
         England's version of a Boogie, wood cab, cane grille, exc........$595
   *THD UNIVALVE AMP, new, 15 watts, with built in HotPlate,
       can use varied tubes!....................................$915, with 1-12" THD cab.....$1395
 *TONE KING METEOR II, used, black, tremelo, 40 watts switchable to 20 watts,
            1-12" Combo with original Hemp-Cone speaker, 2 channels, 4 x 6V6power tubes, 
             5 x 12AX7, Reverb Driver Tube: 6V6, Rhythm- Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, 
                         Bright Switch (3-pos.)
            Lead-  Volume, Tone, Mid-Bite
            Reverb- Tube driven, full size 3-spring pan
            Reverb Controls- Dwell, Tone, Mix(Rhythm), Mix(Lead)
            Tremolo Controls- Rate, Depth, comes with footswitch, owner's manual
            and Tuki cover, exc....$on hold

  *TONE KING Sky King Amp, NEW, Brown/Cream, Vintage takes flight with 
             this breakthrough new instrument that combines the warm, organic quality of 
              a genuine vintage amp with the huge, 3-dimensional sound of a modern, 
              high-end amp. For those familiar with Tone King models, the Sky King combines
              the chunky, old-school vibe and touch-responsive feel of the Falcon with the 
              voicings, flexibility, wide tonal options and features of the Imperial – all in a 
              larger format for a bigger sound. A pentode/triode switch gives you the option 
              of a crisp, present sound with a fast attack, or burnished, bell-like tones with
              depth and resonance.
         Fully hand wired, which extends the sound into a new dimension. Mark’s hand wiring 
              scheme gives this amp an especially intimate, tactile feel. Built-in Ironman attenuator 
              adds tremendous functionality and value – and the Ironman in the Sky King has
              dual attenuation controls (lead and rhythm) to perfectly meet your needs.

                 35W, 1x12 Celestion  G12M65 Creamback
                 Ouptput Tubes	6L6GC (x2), 12AX7(x4), 12AT7, 5U4G	
                 Channel Switch and Tremolo
 	         Tube Driven Spring Reverb & Tube Driven Tremolo	 
                  Handwired Circuitry, Built-in Ironman Attenuator	 
                  40lbs	Size	24"(w) x 12"(d) x 18"(tall)................................$2995, temp out of stock

    *TONE KING 20th Anniversary Imperial, NEW, Black, Happy Anniversary. Limited edition 
               tribute to the 20 year-old vintage tone classic that started it all for amp 
                master builder Mark Bartel and the Tone King brand. Builds on the Imperial’s 
                 magic tonal recipe with hand wiring and a built-in Ironman attenuator (6 levels
                 of attenuation, from 0db-36db) . No tweaks to the main signal path, but you’ll 
                 find the reverb especially spacious and the trem especially smooth. The Ironman 
                 makes this the ultimate home or club amp.
                 Loaded with the new Celestion G12M65 Creamback speaker.
                 20 Watts, Tube Driven Spring Reverb,Tube Driven Tremolo 
                  6V6GT (x2) power tubes, 12AX7(x4), 12AT7, 5AR4 rectifier,  Footswitch, 
                  Channel Switching, Handwired Circuitry, Built-in Ironman Attenuator 
                  Only 30lbs	 22 5/8"(w) x 10 1/2"(d) x 19 1/4"(t)..................sold

  *TONE KING Falcon amps, NEW, Aqua/White, 12 watt combos with
          1-10" speaker, power attenuator built in......$1795

     *TONE KING CONTINENTAL, '90s, 40 watts, Black & white,
           head and 2x12" bottom, exc...$2795
 *TONE KING IMPERIAL, New, Red and white, the return of the original
        Tone king design and circuit, but I notice that the Lead channel is a more
        useful; you don't have to turn it up that much to get overdrive, and the tolex is pebbled- looks
        basically the same but stronger, a winner for sure.....$1995, sold 

 *TONE KING METROPOLITAN,  New, Brown, The Metropolitan 
            has two distinct preamp channels - the Rhythm Channel and the Lead Channel. 
           You can select between the two with either the front panel channel switch or the footswitch.
 Input Gain Switch
              The input gain switch controls the gain of the 1st stage of both preamps.
             This switch helps to tailor the overall gain of the amp to match the gain of the amp to
              the output level of your guitar's pickups.

Rhythm Channel
           The Rhythm channel includes a 2-position "bright" switch as well as Volume, Treble,
           and Bass controls.

Lead Channel
         The Lead Channel includes Volume, Tone, and Mid-Bite controls.

            The Metropolitan's all new single-knob reverb circuit has been meticulously tuned 
             to be the best sounding reverb circuit of all Tone King models. The reverb control
             on the front panel sets the reverb level for both preamp channels. In addition, the 
             reverb may be turned on and off with the footswitch.

Output Power Controls
             Two output power controls are included on the front panel - one for each preamp channel. 
             They allow adjustment of the output power from 0.1W to 40W, continuously. Having
              separate power controls for each channel allows you to set the amp for a clean tone
                with lots of headroom on the Rhythm channel, and an overdriven tone on the Lead
              channel, while matching the volume level when you switch between channels.    
               Next one to arrive on about 11/15..........$2995 currently out of stock
   *VHT Ultra 6 Combo, New,

 *VHT 18 Watt Classic Combo, New, hear the model Billy Gibbons 
            picked up for HIS Tour Bus, $999 list.....$499
    *VHT SPECIAL 6 Ultra Combo, NEW, 1-12" speaker, variable wattage, killer....$539 list...$399

    *VHT SPECIAL 6 Ultra Head, NEW, variable wattage, killer.... 

 *VICTORIA Double Deluxe, recent, tweed, one channel has a "Jimmie Page Mod" 
             which reduces the power for a Supro type sound, exc........$1595

  *VICTORIA Regal combo amp, recent,  1-15" speaker, reverb and tremolo,  first series,
          hand-wired, single-ended class A design, 1 6L6 power tube, exc...........$1450
  *VOX Kensington Combo Bass Amplifier, '70s Solid State 22 watt
                  Bass combo with 1 -15" speaker,  with wheels, diamond grill cloth,
                 ser no. 1220688 by Thomas Organ co. under license from JMI, England.....$395
  *VOX FOUNDATON BASS Amp & Cab, ca 1970, w/ newer Vox cabinet & cradle
         with 2-12" 50 watt Gold Celestion speakers.............$1395

 *VOX AC-50, '60s, all tube head w/ voltage transformer for US, 
         case cover, .....$1450

  *VOX AC-15 Combo, made in china, exc.....$595

 *VOX AC-15HW 1X, Combo, made in Viet Nam, Fawn, with 
          footswitch, 1-12" Blue Alnico speaker, Top Boost, near mint...$1000

  *VOX AC-15, AC15HITV, Combo amplifier made in China, 2 channels,
           Pentode/Triode switch, blue Vox 12" speaker, near mint...........$850

                                   VOX AMPS....  

                                        No Returns on New amps




                                               OTHER INSTRUMENTS
     *Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine-NEW, B inspired. With 9 presets that were finely
                tuned to emulate the most legendary organs from the ‘60s and beyond,
               the B9 Organ Machine will transform your guitar or keyboard. Control the
                instrument’s signature percussive click and sweet modulation. Blend your 
                dry signal to create lush layers. Enough tonewheel and combo organ 
                inspiration to light your fire and cook up some green onions!  ...$219

     TASCAM Digital Mixer TM-D1000 Digital Mixer '90s, mint w/ manual and box...$150

    *FURMAN PL-Plus Power Strip, rack mount power conditioner, w/ lights, exc...$125

    *RANE HC-6, '90S, 6 Channel headphone amp, exc........$50

    *MOTU Mark I Computer interface, exc.............$50


    *SONY TCD-D8, DAT Walkman, exc......$200

    *ROLAND PMA-5, Digital Sequencer, exc....$75

    *DBX 576 Channel Strip, Mic pre, EQ, Compressor, exc......$400

    *BOSS DR-550, Drum Machine, exc........$50

    *AUDIO-TECHNICA AT4041, recent, small Diaphragm Condenser Mic, exc.....hold

    *ROLAND VS 880, '90s, Hard Disc Digital Recorder, manuals, box, near mint....$150

    *EVENT Tria Tri Amp System, 2 Studio Moniters plus a  subwoofer, exc....$395

    *SCHOLTZ Rockman IIB, '80s, Echo, Chorus, Distortion, Edge, w/ phones, orig box, exc..$125
   *TABLA Set, made in India, both wooden, exc..........$150
      **RAMELECTRO,  electric Octive mando/guitar, the OCTOPUSSY, a joint venture 
       by Dominick Ramos and Larkstreet Music 8 string, basses octaved.  These are brand new, and
       being  glommed by both guitarist1s and mandolinists alike.  Looking for a
       totally  gorgeous new sound? This is it!   First batch of 10 will be priced 

      *YAMAHA Electric Fiddle, recent, exc, hsc.......$495

     *MOOG Etherwave Theremin...................$389

 *KORA, used, West Africa, 21 strings, some splits in skin but still
            good tension on the head, one broken peg, vgc.......$250
    *MELODIANA Accordian, '60s, grey pearloid, electric model w/ volume
        and tone controls, 5 voice bars, 120 bass, exc, ohsc, straps......$350

 *BUTTON Acccordian, '50s, Germany, black, exc, ohsc..............$375
      *CYMBALS, assorted Zildians etc......../call
    DUKE LEVINE's   "Beneath The Blue"   CD, with Kevin Barry, Jay Bellerose,
                Paul Bryan, Kenny White, Dan Reiser & Mike Rivard available here or by mail-- $15 
                  ---->>>  or for you kids- dowloads availbale at 

       JUST JAZZ GUITAR  Magazine--- we have the current issue.   
  *JMI pedals- Rangemaster Treble Booster, Limited Edition, made in UK by 
                 Jennings Musical Industries, London, NOS OC-44 Transistor, limited to 100 units
                  worldwide  .....$350  sold out, more coming  
  *Suzuki Q-Chord, New, electric autoharp, better than nothing!...$239
  LARKSTREET MUSIC T-Shirts, w/ D'angelico logo, Purple,Green,Red, etc ..$12
 Autoharps and Zithers, Tablas, Cellos, Violins
  *GRETSCH  La Tosca Accordian, the big one, perfect condition, ohsc....$395 
     *HOHNER Melodica, Soprano, New.......$69

    NOW AVAILABLE--  All 3 of Duke Levine's modern day releases.  For those who love Country Soul you need to hear Lava, and Beneath the Blue lovers need to hear the earlier cuts. All available here in full color... $15 each / money back guarantee

 *STROH 1-String...............$600 

    *BOSS ME-25, Muti-effects pedal..........$100

    *DUNLOP Cry Baby GCB-95, Wah Pedal, used....$59

    *BOSS CH-1 Chorus, blue, used....$39

 *ANALOG MAN King of Tone, purple, used, near mint, #5039...$425

    *SKYLINE HOTONE pedal, EKO, Delay, analog circuit, New........$89

    *SKYLINE HOTONE pedal, CHUNK, Vintage Crunch pedal, true bypass, NEW....$89

    *SKYLINE HOTONE pedal, VERB, digital reverb w/ True Bypass, New........$89

     *SKYLINE HOTONE pedal, TREM, analog Tremelo, New........$89
    *DIAMOND  Memory Lane, used, exc......$249

    *TC Electronics, Stereo Chorus+, used...$149

  *VINTIQUE Bridge with Montrose designed Saddles, Vintique 
           Tele Neck Kits............IN STOCK

   >*HARMONIUMS, 2 New ones, $599 and $799


    *BOSS Tremelo TR-2, used...$50

     *BOSS Line Selector LS-2.....$59

     *BOSS Chorus Ensamble CE-5....$49
     *BOSS Super Chorus CH-1.....$49

     *BOSS Chorus CE-3........$65

     *BOSS Super-Phaser PH-2.....$49

     *BOSS Power Supply & Master Switch PSM-5....$25
    *CARL MARTIN Hot Drive 'N Boost, new.....$169

    *CARL MARTIN ELECTRONICS DeLayla,  used...........$225
     *CUSACK Tap-A-Whirl....$200
    *DAN ARMSTRONG Blue Clipper Distortion....$85

     *DAN ARMSTRONG Yellow Humper - Booster....$85

     *DAN ARMSTRONG Purple Peaker - Booster....$85

     *DANELECTRO: FAB Echo, FAB Metal, FAB Overdrive, FAB Distortion....$16

     *DANELECTRO Surf & Turf Compressor.....$45

     *DANELECTRO Cool Cat Metal II.....$29

     *DeARMOND Volume Pedal, model 1600, looks '60s, gc.........$75

     *DOD Compressor 280.......$50

     *DOD Analog Delay 680....$250

     *DOD Fet Preamp 210.......$50

    *Diaz Square Face, recent, black, exc...$120

                     We are now carrying DIAMOND Pedals. They are real good.  Best analog delay-
                           the Memory Lane, also excellent distortion pedals.

    *DIAMOND Compressor CPR-1..........$189

    *DIGITECH Hyper Phase Stereo Phaser....$40
    *DUNLOP Cry Baby Bass, 105Q, 2 trim pots, snap-back, white.....$65

    *DUNLOP Heil Sound TALK BOX, Model HT-I, Just like Frampton's....$100

     *ELECTRO-HARMONIX Effects- IN STOCK!  the New Ravish Sitar, SuperEgo etc

    *Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone, New, no moving parts, WAH!.....$87

     *FENDER BLENDER Fuzz....$375
    *FOXX "Fuzz & Wa"  furry blue, c '70s , 4 knobs, 2 switches,  vol, sustain, fuzz.........$275

  SALE SALE  Sale on Fulltone pedals

    *FULLTONE Catalyst, New............. $179 List, $129

   *FULLTONE DEJA VIBE....$275 LIST, sell.......$219
    *FULLTONE Octafuzz, New...........$169 List, $129 Sell

    *FULLTONE '69 MKII, New......$199 List, $159 Sell

    *FULLTONE Soul-Bender........$179 LIST....$129

    *FULLTONE PlimSoul, New........$199 List, $149 Sell

    *FULLTONE Clyde Deluxe Wah......$289........$209 sell

    *FULLTONE Standard Wah......$239, sell.........$179

    *THE GOGO Pedal Tuner......$49

    *GUYATONE Slo Volume, like boss slo gear....$99

    *GUYATONE MT-3, tuner....$90

     *JANGLEBOX Compression/Sustain.....$185

    *JAPANESE Siren Hurricane WAH, by Shin-E,  .......$250

     *JMI MKII Tone Bender - Exact replica of the 1966 - 1967 mark II sand casted tonebender. Different transistors were used and the unit was famously used by : Mr. Jeff Beck....$325

     *JMI MK1 Metal Case Tone Bender - Exact replica of the original 1965 mark I tonebender. Famously used by Mr. Jeff Beck & Mr. Mick Ronson....$472

     *JMI Professional MKII Tone Bender - Exact replica of the highly sought OC81D equipped 1967 MK II Professional tonebender. Most famously associated with : Mr. Jimmy Page....$400

    *LEHLE Switchers-  "3 at 1", $189,     "Dual A-B Box" 
               "D. Loop"- programmable dual loop, 3 button..$259

   *LEHLE 3@1 SGoS pedal, green, factory reconditioned, exc.......$175

    *LINE6 Pod 2.0 Multi-Effects box.....$79

    *LOVE PEDAL Karl Fuzz, New, red......$185
   *MAD PROFESSOR Deep Blue Delay, New, made in China...$195

    *MAD PROFESSOR Deep Blue Delay, New, made in Finland..$338
 – Deep Blue Delay is a natural sounding digital/analog delay, with analog direct signal path. 
 - The Deep Blue Delay has about the same bandwidth as the classic tape echo units, and it can
    be used in front of an amplifier or in amplifier effects loops.
 – There are no noise reduction circuits, which keeps decay of echo as natural as possible.
 – The direct signal path is short and made with analog amplifiers with no filtering.
 – There should be no distortion or tone coloration as long as input level is in range below maximum allowed.
 – The echo signal has a tuned filtering to allow extreme settings without interference.
 The delay is specially designed to work well with distorted tone, as this is the most critical application, where delays often fail.

    *MAESTRO BG-2, Volume and Wah pedal....$125

  and introducing.........>>>>>>>>> *********** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
      The MAZEL TONE line of guitar effects pedals!  Lark Street Music's own line of vintage
          tone producers, made right here; designed by R' Shmuel Gold and hand wired
         by the legendary guitar builder Dominic Ramos, and named by our favorite
         Conan O'brien / Fab Faux  guitarist extraordinaire  Jimmy Vivino, 
         the amazing DOUBLE FUZZ!!!  Distortion with an option for adding an upper octave,
         list price $229............................. $189 
 *MAZALTONE Afterword Delay pedal,  The Afterword delay is a digital 
             analog hybrid delay, although employing digital circuitry the repeats are thick and 
             warm with delay times up to 600 ms it can cover everything from slap back to
             ambient moods. The FINAL word in delay! Made in USA by Lark Street Music,  New...$189

     *MOOG MoogerFooger Analog Delay MF-104Z....$475

     *MAXON UE405......$395
   *MU-TRON PS-1 power supply for MU-TRON III....$100

     *Mu-Tron C-200 Volume Wah Pedal, ser. no. 2113, vgc+...............$395

     *MXR Ten Band Graphic Equalizer, with original box.....$99

     *MXR Flanger, 70s....$100

    *MXR Limiter, '70s, Red, 4 knob.....$95

    *MXR Dyna Comp, vintage block logo....$150

   *PETERSON Strobe Stomp 2, used .... $99 

    *PLANET WAVES Pw-Ct-04 Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner.....$75

    *PRO CO Rat, recent, exc.....$45

    *RADIAL TONE BONE Master Loop Controller, 2 loops w/ boost, exc....$195 
    *ROCKMAN Soloist, '80s, Scholtz w/ clip on power supply,  distortion, edge & clean...$100

    *ROCKMAN X-100, '80s, Scholtz,  chorus, echo, distortion, edge & clean...$145
    *ROCKMAN Acoustic Guitar Pedal....$99

    *ROCKTEK Bass EQ....$20

    *ROGER MAYER Rocket FX Classic Fuzz, UK, g.....$165

     *ROGER MAYER Rocket FX Classic Fuzz Face, USA.....$250
     *ROLAND BeeBaa AF-100 Fuzz Pedal......$695

     *ROSS FLANGER - Model R60 - Serial 0414677 - In box with original packaging....$200

     *ROSS DISTORTION - Model R50 - In original box - even has the warranty card....$85

     *SCHALLER Tremelo Pedal....$150

     *SIB! THE TREMINATOR.....$139

     *TC ELECTRONIC Polytune......$99

     *ToneBone Radial LOOPBONE, like new...$189

 *TREX Tremster, New......$239

     *UNIVOX UNI-COMP.....$75

     *UNIVOX Micro Fazer PHZ II, with box....$75

     *UNIVOX Uni Wah UW-2, with box.......$100

     *WAMPLER Tweed '57 Amp Simulator, used, vgc....$150

     *WAMPLER Faux Spring Reverb, vgc ......$150

                                    Z VEX EFFECTS

Z Vex FUZZ FACTORY, the most intense and insane fuzz anywhwere....$239

Z Vex Johnny Octave, analog octave up, $429 list... $319
Z Vex Lo Fi Loop Pedal, New..(list $469).....$339 

Z-Vex Seek Wah, New..........(list $389)... $299 

Z Vex Ooh Wah, a Seek Wah with a random program also, (list $439)....$339  

Z Vex Machine, New, (list $369).................$279 

Z Vex Super Duper 2 in 1, New, (list $369).........$279 

Z Vex Octane 3, New.,(list $369)..............$279

Z Vex Super Hard On, New(list $219)....$189

 Z Vex Wah Probe, New(list $369)....$279

Z Vex Nano Head tube Amplifier!, all tube palm size amp, 1/2 watt, will drive
      4-12 cabinnet! $499 list..............$399

           ***DIVINE NOISE Instrument Cables, here now! Hear the difference.***


      "Art That Sings  the life and times of Steve Klein"
                   new book just published...............................$49

Electric Guitars & Basses-A Photographic History, by George Gruhn & Walter Carter, $39.95 

Acoustic Guitars & Other Fretted Instruments-A Photographic History,
      by George Gruhn & Walter Carter, $49.95      

The Art of the Amplifier, by Michael Doyle, $23

The History of Marshall, by Michael Doyle, $33

Fender Amps- The First 50 Years, by Teagle & Sprung, $34.95 

The Fender Telecaster, by A. R. Duchossoir, $14.95 

Fender Stratocaster/Revised Edition, by A. R. Duchossoir, $14.95 

The Story of the Fender Strat, by Ray Minhinnett & Bob Young, $24.95 

Guitar Legends, by George Fullerton, $24.95 

Gibson Electrics, by A. R. Duchossoir, $19.95 

Gibson Electrics- The Classic Years, by A. R. Duchossoir, $34.95 

Gibson's Fabulous Flattops, by Eldon Whitford, David Vinpol & Dan Erlewine, $49.95 

The Gibson Les Paul Book, by Tony Bacon & Paul Day, $19.95 

The Gibson Super 400, by Thomas Van Hoose, $44.95 
The Guild Book, by Hans Moust, $39.95 

Gretsch-The Guitars of the Fred Gretsch Co. by Jay Scott, $35

The Gretsch Book, by Tony Bacon & Paul Day, $24.95 

Complete History of Rickenbacker Guitars, by Richard Smith, $30

The Rickenbacker Book, by Bacon & Day, $19.95 

 The History & Artistry of National Resonator Instruments, by Bob Brozman $35 
 Martin Guitars, by Washburn & Johnson, $40 

The Larson's Creations, by Robert Hartman, $40

The Eric Clapton Album, 30 years of Music and Memorabilia, $30

The Fender Inside Story, by Forest White, $22.95 

Fender Custom Shop Guitar Gallery, $39.95 

Fender Classic Moments "Fifty Years of Modern Music", $20

The Fender Bass, by Klaus Blasquiz, $9.95

WASHBURN, OVER 100 Years of Fine Stringed Instruments, by Teagle, $30

MAKING an Archtop Guitar, by Robert Benedetto, $40

Complete Guitar Repair, by Kamimoto, $17.95

Electric Guitar Setup, by Kamimoto, $17

Guitar Player repair Guide, by Dan Erlewine, $23

Complete Guide to Guitar and Amp Maintenance, by Richie Fliegler, $15

The Art of the Amplifier, by Michael Doyle, $22.95 

      ANNOUNCEMENT:  New Unique Product!!  Restore your guitar!!  

    * Our "Best" All Purpose Vintage Guitar Crud®  is NOW for sale. 
         Been a little too aggressive cleaning your old guitar lately? 
         Been victimized by those 'buffing' fanatics that permeate the guitar world?
         We've accumulated a good  amount of high quality vintage grunge from the 
         '20s thru the '70s.    How did we acquire so much of this near mythic substance? 
              We've been repairing  guitars since 1968  and back then no one had a clue 
          about saving slime and mung... except us!  Back then there was no vintage  thing
          and customers would actually pay us to clean  the dirt ( that's what they used to call it!)
          from their guitars.  We've carefully saved and sorted
          all these years and now, like fine wine, it's time has come.
        Guaranteed to restore that buffed out old Gibson that just  doesn't  quite 
        have the vintage look anymore.   We also have a limited supply of Custom Color
        Strat Sludge®  from the early '60s  that's so hard to come by. 
         This is $75 an ounce and limited to 2 per customer.  
        Old Gibson Crud® is $50/ oz.  All Purpose Sludge is $25/oz.
                   Great for relics, too!


Dear Buzzy, 

I cannot tell you how delighted I was to read of your new guitar restorer product. 

For all the guitar folks out there that have unfortunately acquired instruments whose prior owners 
foolishly went to great extremes in preserving their treasured guitars, you have saved the day ! 

I know someone who is very dismayed that the 1959 ES 335 Dot Neck he recently got shows only signs 
of great care in its past. Now with your new revolutionary product he can show off an instrument 
to his friends that looks like it has spent its entire life in a barroom and has been abused, neglected, 
dropped, gashed, chipped, burned, and that has had slide played on it always with an open bottle of Schlitz. 
I will certainly make him aware of your product. You are to be commended for your forward thinking back in 
the early days.  

Regards, Marc T.

     We have technicians here, please make an appointment!!

  In these days of gimmicks, you have a nice one! But it is not complete. As my 
past 30 years as a master woodworker, I specialized in restoring vintage finishes. 
I have just what you need to complete your product line. And only at $35 per oz. 
Minimum purchase 30 links of my 20 lb. rusty tow chain! Get them dings back in no 
time, then apply your grunge as the perfect final touch. Not sure if I want to part 
with it but at your prices I could be convinced! Hope you go for it before you 
persuade me to antique my modest vintage collection...

Brian, Portland, Or.

If you haven't yet, check out Lark Street Music on Facebook!


(All prices subject to change, up or down!)

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